Bravilor Coffee Machines

Quality is extremely important to us here at Jurang and quality is at the core of Bravilor Bonamat's company philosophy. That's why we choose to be a a Bravilor Bonamat dealer and we believe our range of coffee machines complements our premium range of coffee, tea and other food products.

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Bravilor Coffee Machines: meeting your requirements

Bravilor Coffee Machines

Bravilor's large range of different types of coffee machines, make Bravilor an all-round brand able to meet a extensive range of requirements.

From Filter Coffee Machines to Bulk Brew Catering Equipment and from Coffee Vending Machines to high quality accessories such as hot plates and cup warmers, Bravilor Bonamat is one the market leaders in the coffee machine industry.

Office Coffee Machines

Do you want fresh coffee in your office? With prices starting at £150, many offices can now afford an industrial grade coffee machine and serve fresh filter coffee.

Office Coffee Machine

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Coffee Shops & Restaurants

Coffee Shops and Restaurants often require a fresh coffee supply which is suited to changing demands at different times. Bravilor Mondo and Matic Coffee Machines offer you that flexibility. The Bravilor Mondo range requires no connection to the water mains instead can be filled manually. The Bravilor Matic range requires connection to the water mains, allowing for the installation of water filtration systems in addition to the ease of use of not having to fill the machines manually.

Coffee Machines for Restaurants and Coffee Shops

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Coffee Vending Machines

Canteens, petrol stations and even fast food restaurants often require coffee and hot beverages without it taking up staff time.

Coffee Vending Machines are the answer.

Coffee Vending Machines

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Commercial Catering Coffee Machines

If you are regularly serving over 40-50 cups of coffee, have peak demands and require consistent, fresh coffee at all times, commercial Bravilor Catering Coffee Machines provide the professional answer.

Commercial Catering Coffee Machines

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Spares & Accessories

We offer all Bravilor spares and accessories for purchase with your machine. We sell a number of Bravilor spares online, such as filter papers, filter pans, spare coffee jugs, filter systems and serving trollets.

As an authorised Bravilor Bonamat dealer, we can order any spares, accessories or parts. Please contact us on 01457 833672 with your requirements

Finally we can offer you professional machine installation and training.

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