Chocolate Coffee

Chocolate Coffee Definition - strong caffeine beverage made from water filtered through coffee beans; with a variation of added chocolate

Coffee chocolate can be created into a variety of different food and drinks. From chocolate coffee cheesecakes to your traditional hot chocolate.

Coffee flavoured chocolate is an excellent treat combining sweet chocolate with the full bodied flavour of the coffee bean.

There is a huge choice of coffee flavoured chocolate, view our full range of Fair Trade chocolate. Spoiled for choice? We highly recommend the Divine Milk & Coffee Chocolate because we think this chocolate is perfect to have with a cup of coffee.

Divine Chocolate delivers a taste that makes you want more and more, but it also transforms Fairtrade beyond what we normally know it to be.

Coffee for Chocolate Lovers

If you are looking for a good quality coffee with your chocolate, we have a growing range and worldwide selection of different Fairtrade coffee which you can buy online.

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Coffee Chocolate Recipe

It is very simple to make a quick version of chocolate coffee at home. All you need to do is to pour your normal cup of coffee but add Fair Trade cocoa powder and cream to taste. Stir until all the ingredients are blended together and then enjoy!

Alternatively why not take a look a look at our coffee info on liquor coffees, adding something new and exciting to your coffee beverage.

Chocolate coated coffee beans are roasted coffee beans that have been covered in chocolate. Chocolate covered coffee beans are usually eaten on their own and can provide a quick caffeine boost. Monks are said to have often eaten coffee beans before a day of prayer. Beans can still be addictive as they contain caffeine. They are safe to eat, but like most things it's best to eat them in moderation.

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