Coffee Blends

Definition - to mix or mingle (varieties of tea, tobacco, etc.), esp. so as to produce a desired flavor, color, grade, etc.

In order to create coffee that has the individual balance, flavour and aroma desired, coffee blending is necessary. Coffee blending is the science of mixing different coffees, as well as the art that creates the final blend of coffee. When it comes to blending coffee, there is almost no limit as to the wide range and possibilities of mixing coffees together.

The process of blending also brings out many of the different characteristics of coffee, and more importantly if this process is not done properly or flavours are not supposed to be mixed, the outcome could be quite an unpleasant experience. At Jurang we decided to use the help of coffee tasting experts to help us select the best coffees.

Blend of Coffee poured in cup

Coffee Blending Process

Coffee blending can create a range of subtle taste differences, which depend on many different factors. Most importantly is obviously the type of beans that are being blended and where the coffee was grown. With that in mind, it also depends on how each individual bean has been roasted, as there is of course huge differences between light and dark roasting, which will ultimately affect the final taste of a coffee blend. However, the roasting also affects the strength of the coffee, to find out more why not see our coffee strengths guide.

It is widely agreed that coffee blending should be done after the roasting as this normally achieves the ‘best result’. However, it is not 100% certain which is the best possible time to start the blending process. In order to achieve different tastes, coffee needs to be roasted at different temperatures.

Blend of Coffee Beans

Perfect Coffee Blends

With so many different aspects affecting the taste of coffee, from different regions to different roasts, there is pretty much an infinite range of flavours that can be created to match the coffee that you desire. With the help of coffee experts, Jurang has selected a great coffee blend from a large number of other coffees: Jurang Fair Trade Espresso Filter Coffee.

Because this is a Fairtrade certified coffee, buying this coffee directly benefits coffee farmers that are part of cooperatives in:

  • Guatemala (FEDECOCAGUA)
  • Peru (Sol & Café)
  • Sumatra (AKPO)
  • Honduras (COAGRISCAL)

Coffee blending is an art, just like tasting and recognising different coffees is. If you start off on a coffee journey, then you might be surprised to find that over a period of time you will start to recognize different aromas, tastes and even appreciate the region it comes from which will lead you to find your favorite coffee blend.

Jurang Espresso Filter Coffee Blend

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