Coffee Cups

Evidence of cups has been discovered on many archaeology sites around the world, dating back as far as the Stone Age. Early cups and mugs found were often made of bone. Later advances back in 2000 BCE cups were made out of wood or metal; often other metals were used such as lead, gold, silver and bronze. It wasn’t until the 600 CE that the porcelain cups and mugs were invented.

Most coffee cups today are made of porcelain. Increasingly people use a mug to drink their coffee. However, just like wine different coffees can hugely benefit from being served in the right type of cup, or when it comes to milky drink such as a latte, in a glass.

Coffee Cups

Latte Coffee Cups

Latte cups are usually tall mugs that are thinner at the base and wider at the brim. Not all Latte cups are styled like this as many would just use their normally every day cup or mug to enjoy their latte. Some cultures will even serve their lattes in bowls.

Latte art became very popular back in the early 1980s. Various parts of the world were getting involved and putting their own unique artistic style to their lattes.

Latte Cups

Espresso Coffee Cups

The espresso cup is considered quite simple in design. Around the world you will find a large range of espresso coffee cups. Many artists have produced their own unique style of the espresso cup making it an extremely popular collector's item.

Cappuccino Coffee Cups

The cappuccino cup has a similar shape to coffee cups but is larger and has a thicker body which helps retain the heat of the cappuccino.

Beans for Espresso and Cappucino

If you are an Espresso drinker, we recommend you try our espresso beans. Selected with the help of international coffee experts, these coffee beans are chosen from a wide selection and selected to carry our popular Fairtrade Coffee brand. This aromatic coffee is bursting with flavour and is perfect for Espressos, Lattes and Cappucinos.

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