Coffee Grinding

Coffee Grinder Definition - a mill that grinds roasted coffee, turning the beans into ground coffee able to produce drinks from

In order for coffee to get to the the ground form most of us use, there is two general processes that green coffee beans go through:

Many people buy coffee already ground, however it is becoming more popular to buy coffee beans in an attempt to increase the freshness of the coffee.

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If you are interested in buying coffee beans to grind yourself, have a look at our selection of premium coffee beans to buy online.

Coffee Beans

How to Grind Coffee Beans

There are many different methods for grinding coffee, and although most need an actual coffee grinder, there are alternatives. For example, the old fashioned way of grinding coffee before machines were used was to simply use a mortar and pestle.

One of the most fun ways that Jurang can think of is to use a hammer! Simply put the coffee beans into a plastic bag and put the bag between two towels. Then just start smashing! Please note that your "ground coffee" will not be of consistent size, so be careful not to clog your machine up with it!

Finally, if you want to use a coffee grinder machine, then why not pop down to your coffee house or specialist store. Most cafes and stores now have coffee grinding machines for sale at decent prices.

Coffee Plant with Beans

Freshly Ground Coffee

If you think that going through all this effort is pointless when you can just buy ready ground coffee that is most likely to be just as fresh as the coffee beans you can purchase, then Jurang recommends Jurang Sumatra Fair Trade Coffee. Jurang also have many other ground coffees on sale, for example:

  • Oromo Medium Strength Coffee

    Oromo Harar Fair Trade Coffee; a classic 'natural' coffee that takes its name from the the eastern Ethiopian region. Through the heat of the day, the coffee from the fruit cherry, gives a brilliant gamey, winey and blueberry aroma with a full bodied, yet smooth and chocolaty finish. Harar makes for a perfect breakfast cup of coffee, but similarly refreshes your senses at any time of the day!

  • Oromo Mild Coffee

    Yirgacheffe is what is known as a 'washed' coffee, which still today remains one of the most renowned coffees in the world. It's origins, like that of Harar, lie in regions of the southern highlands of Ethiopia. Yirgacheffee is a lighter bodied coffee and although it has a clean taste, there remains a complexity and deepness which make for perfect cup of coffee anytime of the day.

  • Oromo Strong Coffee

    Oromo Fair Trade Limu coffee is the darkest roast of the Oromo range and is perfect for a brilliant after dinner coffee. Smooth with a long chocolaty finish, this coffee also, like the other two, comes from the south west region of Ethiopia, has a good body and is the perfect finish to a long meal with some friends.

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