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Welcome to Coffee Central; the place where you can find out anything you have ever wanted to know about coffee. To make it easy for you to find what you want, you can simply click on any of the links on the right of this page. We've put them in alphabetical order and if you can't see what you are looking then you can always try our FAQ & Glossary.

To tell the story of coffee, we need to start right at the beginning with the question where coffee is grown. We have highlighted some popular Coffee Countries to help you understand the main coffee growing countries and to learn more about the climate. Coffee is not actually the brown we are so familiar with when it is harvested; instead Coffee Beans start of inside berries as Green Beans. These green beans then go through the Coffee Roasting process where expert coffee roasters apply various techniques to manipulate different flavours and various strengths. Many people struggle with finding the right strength coffee for them so we've created a Coffee Strengths Guide to help you find the right strength of coffee.

Once the beans have been roasted, coffee is often blended, to create an infinite amount of different flavours, each with their own unique taste and character. Coffee blends are popular, but similarly many people prefer single estate coffees, such as Jurang Organic Sumatra.

Although a lot of work has already been done on the coffee after it has been roasted, for some people the coffee adventure only just starts. Coffee can be drunk in a number of different ways, dependent on individual tastes and on the occasion and there is a number of different Coffee Brewing techniques. Many people prefer drinking Filter Coffee when it comes to their everyday cup of coffee, whilst others will swear by a rich Espresso Coffee no matter what time of the day.

Of course there is a lot of people who like to have their coffee fast and easy and so they usually go with Instant Coffee, which simply means adding some hot water to granules of freeze dried coffee. Finally there is people who are concerned about the effects of Caffeine and therefore prefer to drink Decaf Coffee; our helpful guide to decaffeinated coffee, will help you understand how it is made and what caffeine does.

Whatever you preference, Coffee Tasting is crucial to getting the best cup of coffee. Although some people think this is best left to experts, you too can learn to understand coffee flavours and tastes better and embark on this exciting journey. In fact, more and more people now go on coffee holidays to learn more about the producers, the growing process and the different tastes of coffee.

Here at Jurang we are passionate about Fairtrade because we believe that buying Fair Trade Coffee means you are giving the people who work hard to grow the coffee a good price for their produce. But we know Fairtrade used to be more about 'sandal- wearing-do-gooders' than about quality and we think that is missing the point. Entering into a transparent relationship of honest trading should increase the quality and we have worked hard to select only premium quality coffee and our exciting range of Fair Trade Coffees are the drinkable evidence.

Although many people buy ready ground coffee, an increasing number of people prefer to grind their own coffee to increase freshness. There is different Coffee Grinding techniques and we will help you choose the right one for you. Closely linked to grinding coffee and its freshness if how you store coffee. Our Coffee Storage page helps you understand what happens when coffee is ground and how coffee is best kept fresh.

Finally there is all those odd bits and bobs you want to know about coffee and we thought we would tell you about them to. For examle what are the best Coffee Cups to use and how do you make a Mocha Coffee, a Chocolate Coffee or a Frappucino Coffee? Lots of people love finishing a meal with a coffee and it is hard to find a restaurant these days where they don't offer a range of Liquor Coffees; use our simple step recipe to make them yourself at home!

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