Coffee machine leasing

Coffee Machine Leasing

Are you looking to lease a coffee machine? Leasing a coffee machine has many advantages: click for our 7 Benefits of Leasing PDF.

No Gimmicks, just Quality

We are a specialist coffee company with in depth product knowledge about the coffee machines we sell and we have teamed up with a dedicated leasing company to offer very competitive leasing rates. We simply offer quality coffee making equipment at a good price; we don't include 'free' iPads, laptops or other incentives which you end up paying for anyway in the monthly lease rate.

Get a quote & decision fast

Many leasing companies are actually finance brokers with no direct access to capital. This can cause delays, confusion and additional charges. Instead we work with a dedicated leasing company, who have access to their own capital and credit streams. This means your leasing contract can typically be arranged in less than a week. During this time we can get the equipment prepared and any installations booked in, giving you a quick turn around time on every front which means you don't have to wait long to get your new coffee machine.

Professional Advice

Another benefit of our direct leasing partnership is that you will receive professional advice throughout the process.

We are a specialist coffee company - not a general catering equipment supplier. We will provide you with professional advice regarding our coffee machines. The leasing company will provide advice regarding the finance options available to you.

Regulated and Experienced

Our leasing partner is authorised and regulated by theFinancial Services Authority Logo Financial Services Authority (FSA). They have years of experience of dealing with finance proposals in a number of different industries and are members of various leasing trade associations.

Benefits of using our Leasing Partner
  • Competitive leasing rates
  • A fair and easy to understand agreement
  • Detailed breakdown of costs with no hidden charges


Why choose Jurang for your equipment
  • We are independent and offer honest advice
  • Authorised Jura, Melitta, Bravilor, Cimbali, Expobar & Franke dealers
  • The equipment we sell has a valid, commercial warranty
  • We offer ongoing support & technical assistance

    Rent a Coffee Machine

    Our range of coffee machines covers anything from a small filter coffee machine to large bulk brew equipment and coffee vending machines. If you are considering spending over £1000 on your coffee machine, a coffee machine lease might be a good option for you. One of the many benefits of leasing through us is that after the agreed rental period, you will be able to purchase the equipment, usually for just another month's instalment.

    We only sell quality equipment and provided it is looked after, our coffee machines will likely outlast the initial leasing period and thus the effective cost of your coffee machine rent is spread out even further.

    Coffee Machine Hire, Lease and Rent

    People often use the terms coffee machine lease and coffee machine hire in the same way. However, there are some big differences. We can advise you on both options. Most of our equipment can be leased and a selection of our equipment can also be rented.

    Usually when hiring a coffee machine you do not own the machine at the end of your contract, effectively only paying for the use of the machine. You are also often tied into buying your supplies from the company that rents the machine to you. When you lease a coffee machine from us this is different and you do end up owning the machine at the end of the rental period. Additionally, we do not tie you in to any supply contracts for coffee or other catering products.

    We also do short term Coffee Machine Rental for Events


    Leasing an Espresso Machine

    All our Espresso Machines are available on a lease basis. If you have a coffee shop or restaurant or are thinking of starting one, it could be very beneficial for your business to consider leasing an espresso machine. Espresso coffee and beverages are growing in popularity rapidly and offering a quality espresso is likely to grow your business.

    Tax Benefits of Leasing

    In addition to the benefits of low cash flow impact and VAT deferral, businesses can usually deduct the full cost of lease rentals from taxable income. This means your total purchase cost (capital and interest) can be offset during the lease period with your payments recorded as a trading expense. More information can be found in our 7 Benefits of Leasing PDF

Get a Leasing Quote

Getting a quote for leasing is without any obligation. Simply contact us on 0800 993 0831 (01457 833672) so we can discuss the coffee machine you are interested in. We will then give you a competitive quote and pass your details to our leasing partner who will give you a complete breakdown of the lease, including any deposits, administration fees and weekly/monthly payments.

See the Tax Benefits

In many cases the tax benefits of leasing could meet most of the finance cost. This makes leasing a coffee machine a very attractive option. The following illustration details how tax effective it can be for you to lease a coffee machine: Leasing Example & Tax Benefits

Return on your investment

When in use a coffee machine effectively pays for itself. The following PDF gives some example of how quickly you can potentially see a return on your investment: Leasing and Investment Return Examples

Find out more

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact us for more information. If you are phoning outside of office hours, just leave us a message with your name and phone number and we will get back to you: 0800 993 0831 (01457 833672).

Leasing an espresso machine

Get a Leasing Quote by e-mail

Send us an e-mail using the contact form below and we will provide you with a quote. Please include details of the equipment you require, including any additional accessories (if applicable).

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