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Coffee Machines

Jura Impressa Coffee MachineGood coffee can only be enjoyed properly when you use a high quality coffee machine to make it. We sell a large number of different coffee machines, including traditional filter equipment, bean to cup coffee machines and fully automatic coffee vending solutions; bean, instant and fresh ground.

We have carefully selected all our suppliers and built strong relationships to allow us to become authorised dealers for the UK's best brands of coffee machines, including Jura, Franke, Bravilor Bonamat and Coffee Queen.

Whether you are looking for an office coffee machine, a machine for your coffee shop or restaurant or even if you need a machine that can brew up 40 litres of coffee within less than 20 minutes; we can help. We are proud of our outstanding track record of customer satisfaction and our experienced staff will ensure you will receive a high quality coffee machine suited to your needs and a customer service experience you will remember.

You can also choose to Lease a Coffee or Espresso Machine.

Reliability, Quality and Durability

Coffee MachinesWe believe that when reliability, quality and durability are combined a good product is the result. We are confident that all the coffee making equipment we sell has these three qualities. Additionally the wide range of machines we sell allows you to pick exactly the machine that's right for you, whether that is a highly specialised machine or a highly versatile machine; a simple 12 cup filter coffee machine or a fully automatic bean to cup coffee station with integrated milk fridge and cup warmer.

A large selection of our coffee machines can be bought in our online shop. Giving you the convenience of checking out brochures, pictures and specifications as well as the ability to order 24/7 and pay using credit or debit card. However, if you require any specific assistance or would like to enquire about opening a business credit account, please give our experienced staff a ring on 01457 833672.

Check out our shop and buy coffee machines online.

Coffee Machines by Category

Fresh Filter Coffee

To help you find the coffee machine you need, we have listed a number of popular categories below, including some machine suggestions. Simply use the links provided to see more information such as images, brochures and technical details.

Filter Coffee Machines

Filter Coffee remains a popular and very low cost way of serving coffee. We have a huge selection of filter coffee machines, including:

Quick filter coffee machines

Ideal for offices, cafes and restaurants. Ranging from £150 to £650, quick filter machines can brew anything between 12 and 48 cups of coffee fast and keep it hot for up to 2 hours.

Manual Fill: Bravilor Novo 2 | Bravilor Mondo 2
Mains Fill: Bravilor Matic 2 | Bravilor Matic Twin

Catering Filter Machines

The professional choice for hotels, conference centres, football stadia, churches and other facilities requiring anything between 5 and 80 litres of fresh filter coffee at any one time.

More information on Catering Coffee Machines.

Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

Bean to CupBean to Cup Coffee Machines give you, your staff or your customers extremely fresh coffee. With coffee beans being freshly ground each time the button is pressed, coffee produced by a quality bean to cup coffee machine often has a distinctly fresh taste and aroma. Furthermore these fully automatic coffee machines are often highly versatile and can produce up to 20 different coffee specialities at the simple press of a button. The ability to expand machines with integrated fridges for fresh milk, cup warmers and various payment systems means bean to cup machines can be used in wide ranging settings, including restaurants and self serve areas.

Popular bean to cup machines

Jura Impressa XF50
Jura Impressa X9 Platinum

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