Coffee Storage

There are many different reasons for storing coffee properly, however, the most important reason is also the most obvious; to preserve the taste of the coffee bean. Once the coffee beans have been roasted, it is vital to keep the coffee as fresh as possible up until its brewing time. Roasted coffee beans are normally stored in airtight containers. Coffee beans and ground coffee are kept fresh best when they are stored in cool dark places. Heat and light can make the beans sweat and start to loose flavour.

Temperature is quite a big contributing factor when trying to keep the freshness alive; why not store your coffee in the fridge? After opening your bag of coffee, store the coffee in an airtight tin, container or bag and simply put it in the fridge. The coolness of the fridge will greatly benefit the freshness of your coffee. Coffee beans can also be frozen, again allowing more of the freshness to remain within the beans and ensuring your coffee is as fresh as possible once you are ready to grind and drink it.

Coffee Storage Tips

Why not follow our few simple tips when storing coffee beans and ground coffee:

- Store coffee in something airtight

- Store coffee in something dry

- Ensure the temperature is kept low

- Always store coffee away from direct light

Why Store Coffee?

Coffee beans contain different oils that contribute massively to the taste of the coffee once brewed. These oils are brought about from the roasting process; it is once the coffee is roasted that you make the important decision about storing to keep these oils and aromas fresh for as long as possible. Either grind them and then store them or store the whole beans and grind them when you need them. The oils of the coffee beans can decay rather quickly once the coffee has been roasted, so packing coffee as soon as possible is very important. All Jurang's coffee is bagged within minutes of being roast and ground and it comes in bags with special valves, which allow air to get out, but not in. This ensures that coffee you buy from us is extremely fresh and you can taste that!

Would you prefer to grind your own coffee beans so your coffee is as fresh as possible? Jurang recommends you try Jurang Fair Trade Espresso Beans, this aromatic coffee is bursting with flavour and is perfect to store for longer periods of time simply because we sell this product as beans rather than ground. Our espresso beans can be finely ground for espresso machines, but are also great ground slightly more coarse and put in a cafetiere (french press) or perculator.

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