Coffee Strengths Guide

Not all coffee tastes the same and coffee varies in strength. To determine the strength of a coffee, a number of things are important, including the origin of the coffee. However, perhaps the main process in producing a certain strength of coffee is the roasting of the green beans. Roasting changes the coffee beans both physically and chemically, affecting the taste. Good quality coffee roasting requires an expert to manipulate different roasting techniques to bring out not just the strength but also the countless different flavours and aromas. All our coffee is selected and roasted by international coffee experts.

As the coffee beans loose moisture from the roasting, they start to increase in volume and decrease in weight. This causes the density of the coffee bean to alter the strength of the coffee. So the strength of coffee is determined by the length of time the beans are roasted for. The time it takes to roast the coffee beans can vary from 2 to 30 minutes in a 180 to 280 degree roaster. Coffee roasting takes place in large units that tumble the green beans, making sure that all the beans are equally being exposed to the heat.

Coffee Beans Roast

Coffee beans cooling after roasting process


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