Fair Trade for Churches and Faith Groups

How Fairtrade can be a principle of unity in a time of division.

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Faiths and religions often seem different, however, the call for believers to act justly can be found across all religions and is a principle held high by people of faith all over the world.

Therefore, in a time where we see so much division between different faiths, Fairtrade is a principle which has the capacity to unite. Churches, mosques, temples, synagogues and other places where faith groups meet -all over the world- have started to see this and are now united in the Fairtrade spirit, through sourcing only Fairtrade Products and joining a force of hope for the poor.

Buy from a business that understands

Jurang Fair Trade is a business now, but we actually started as a church ministry run by volunteers. We were selling Fairtrade products back in 2009 after the Sunday morning service at an Anglican church in Greater Manchester, just to create awareness of Fairtrade. Running it as a business was never intended, but one year later some of our volunteers were doing exactly that. We have grown ever since.

We know, that for very good reasons "business", often has a bad name, however, we have a strong belief in doing things differently - we want to run an ethical business, underpinned by the Christian values of equality, justice and respect.

Credit Accounts

We offer credit accounts for churches and other faith groups. Applying is easy and you can download our one page application form by clicking here (opens in a new window).

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