Mossley Fairtrade Campaign

In November 2009, Mossley Town Council decided to make Mossley a Fairtrade town and pioneer Fairtrade in Tameside. In 2010 we will make this happen! The campaign has gained momentum over the first 6 months of 2010; gaining support from local retailers, schools, churches and other organisations. Local businesses have also been contacted about making a commitment to only using Fairtrade tea and coffee.

We feel encouraged that many people are interested and are welcoming the idea of Mossley becoming Fairtrade. On the 9th November 2010, when we celebrated our first anniversary as 'Fairtrade Mossley', we were encouraged to see  that due to true community effort we will soon be able to put in our bid to become a Fairtrade Town.

Over 20 businesses and community organisations have now pledged to only use Fairtrade tea and coffee at their meetings and more than 50% of churches and schools are also committed to Fairtrade.

If you want to know more, please contact Corniel Quak-Winslow on 01457 833672.

History of Fairtrade in Mossley

Although the Fairtrade Mossley campaign has only just officially been instated, local volunteer activists have been campaigning for a number of years now. The Social Justice Action Group of Mossley Methodist Church has been actively promoting Fairtrade on the monthly farmers market and throughout the rest of the month at their worship meetings. These crucial activist efforts have attracted a number of local newspapers to write about them on a number of ocassions and here you can see a few examples of this:

Campaign Efforts of Fairtrade Mossley in Tameside Reporter 2008:

Tameside Reporter Article Fairtrade Mossley

Another article from 2008, this time in the Tameside Advertiser, highlighting the efforts of Fairtrade supporters in Mossley:

Tameside Advertiser Article Fairtrade Mossley

Janet Davies and other volunteers at the montly event held by the Methodist Church, in the background Phyllis Kershaw who is also a committed Fairtrade volunteer:

Fairtrade in Action Social Justice Group

An article from 2009, in the Tameside Reporter, covering a successful taster organised by Fairtrade supporters in Mossley:

Tameside Reporter Fair Trade Mossley

Events and Dates for your Diary

Meetings are open to anyone, please feel free to join us and see how you can get involved. Next Meeting will be held on Wednesday 1st December at Mossley Town Hall. Start at 19:30 hours.

Find us on the Christmas Market at the Methodist Church on Friday 26th November. Buy a raffle ticket to get a chance to win a Fair Trade Hamper!

Minutes of Meetings

Minutes of Meeting held on 8th December 2009
Minutes of Meeting held on 10th January 2010
Minutes of Meeting held on 10th April 2010
Minutes of Meeting held on 15th June 2010
Minutes of Meeting held on 10th August 2010
Minutes of Meeting held on 14th September 2010
Minutes of Meeting held on 13th October 2010

Campaign Officers

Chair: Corniel Quak-Winslow

Secretary: Jacinta Murray

Treasurer: Win Ashmore

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