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One of the most common ways of brewing coffee is through a filter, also known as drip brew. This method involves pouring hot water over the ground coffee and using a filter in order to create the beverage. As the hot water mixes with the ground coffee, it absorbs the oils and essences as the powder passes through the bottom of the filter. Once the process is complete the used coffee grounds are left at the bottom of the filter with the liquid free from any remains and the liquid is available to drink.

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Paper filters are most commonly used when making filter coffee, but metal filters are used also. Some people prefer filter papers as they are easy to dispose of and for that same reason others prefer a metal filter, as this reduces paper waste. Metal coffee filters are made up of metal sheets that restrain the ground coffee, whilst allowing the liquid to pass through. Obviously using the metal filter method means that you don’t have to rely on buying paper filters or be stuck without coffee if you run out of filters.

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Whatever method you prefer, our Jurang Sumatra Organic Fair Trade Coffee is perfectly suited for all filtering methods, due to it being omni-ground. Jurang Organic Sumatra is an intensely rich, yet exceptionally smooth filter coffee from Indonesia and is a vibrant expression of our passion for quality and Fairtrade. This coffee comes all the way from the Gayo Highlands of Indonesia; bursting with bold flavours and herbal highlights, for a smooth drinking coffee of perfect quality.

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If you prefer your coffee quite mild, with a clear and lighter body, then using paper filters is recommended. However, if you enjoy the taste of the oils and really like to get the essence of the coffee beans out, then metal filters might be better. Paper filters trap some of the coffee sediments, which do not give you the full experience you might want from your coffee.

Alternatively, you can choose to use a cafetiere or french press, which is recommended for single origin coffees such as Jurang Organic Sumatra or Ethiopian Oromo Coffee from single estates.

If you enjoy a stronger, full bodied coffee we recommend you try our Fair Trade Espresso Filter Coffee. This espresso coffee is highly aromatic and produces a full bodied, espresso-like filter coffee. However, it's pallet remains smooth with bittersweet, chocolaty flavours.

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Some people have claimed that using a metal filter means components such as diterpenes will not be removed from the coffee. Others have argued that diterpines increase the risk of coronary heart disease. However, after over 20 years of research, nothing can be said for certain and critics will argue that there is just as much evidence to argue the opposite. Some research even suggests that a few cups of coffee a day may offer some health benefits.

We don't think we're in the position to give you medical advice, we simply tell you all the great things we know about coffee. Did we tell you we consumed many cups of coffee during our research? Why not make yourself a cup of great tasting coffee now too!

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