Green Coffee Beans

Green Beans Definition: various tropical shrubs or trees, widely cultivated in the tropics for their seeds that are dried, roasted, and ground to prepare a stimulating aromatic drink.

Green coffee beans are coffee beans that come directly out of the berry of the coffee plant and that have not yet been roasted. Increasingly you buy green coffee beans to roast your own coffee beans at home.

Green beans can be stored and preserved for up to one year. Unlike roasted coffee beans and ground coffee, green coffee beans will not benefit from being kept in a fridge or freezer. Instead they are best kept in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. It is crucial the atmosphere is kept dry; if green coffee beans get wet they will become mouldy. Always try and store your green coffee beans in a paper or fabric ba. This will allow the air to circulate more freely enabling you to keep your green coffee beans fresh for as long as possible.

Green Coffee Beans

Roasting Green Coffee Beans

By roasting your own green beans at home you can determine your own coffee body and flavour. If you are serious about roasting your own coffee, then of course you moight also be able to save money by buying in a large amount of green beans and roasting them when you need it.

No special equipment is required to roast your green beans at home. We outlined a simple process of how to roast your own green coffee beans below.

If you are not interested in roasting your own coffee and you are looking for a great tasting filter coffee,then we recommend you try our espresso coffee. This coffee is ground straight after roasting into bags with special valves - which means the freshness of this coffee is superb.

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Green Beans Roasting Process

The oven roasting process:

  • Step one: Before you start make sure you have a window or door open as you will need a well vented room due to the amount of smoke the beans may admit when being roasted.
  • Pre-heat your oven to 260 ‘C. If this is your first time roasting green coffee beans just try a few on your first attempt to see how you get on.

  • Step two: You will need a baking tray which has holes in the bottom to allow circulation.
  • Place your green coffee beans onto the tray and roast for up to 20 mins. When green coffee beans are being roasted they shed thin layers of skins called chaffs.

    When the beans are being roasted you will be able to hear distinctive cracks, this is because steam is being forced out of the coffee bean because any remaining water evaporating.

    If you take the beans out aftert hearing the first crack, you will have produced a very light roast. If you leave it till after hearing the second crack, your roast will be much more full bodied and the bean will have turned a medium dark brown colour.

    *Please note that the longer you roast the beans for the darker the beans will become. If left for too long it will produce a more distinct burned flavour, likely with a weaker body.

  • Step three: Once you have roasted your green beans, take them out of the oven and place them into a colander and stir them well to remove any remaining chaffs of skin.
  • Rest and cool your roasted beans. Some people rest their beans for up to 24 hours after roasting as they believe it gives the bean more time to develop its full aroma and flavour, however, others claim that packing or using the roasted beans as soon as possible preserves the flavour best. Why not try both - it is entirely up to your individual taste!

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