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Liquor coffees typify indulgence and are perfect for a treat in the evening after a hard day, or as a luxurious after dinner drink, replacing a desert or accompanying one if you are feeling really naughty. Liquor coffees are available in most restaurants but you don't have to wait for a night out - it is possible to enjoy this luxurious treat at home. There are a number of techniques involved in making a liquor coffee, but the very first step to achieving success is to choose the right ingredients. A strong coffee like Oromo Limu or fairly traded organic Jurang Sumatra is best used in a liquor coffee as it is sure to stand up to the sweetness of the sugar and liquor that will be added, producing a perfectly balanced drink.

Do you not fnacy an alcoholic drink? Why not take a look at our coffee info on frappuccino coffee. Just like liquor coffee, a frappuccino attempts to add something different and unique to coffee; creating something completely different and new.

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Liquor Coffee Recipes

The great thing about a liquor coffee is that it is relatively simple to make and even easier to enjoy so making them at home couldn't be more appealing. Simply brew a strong coffee (if you have an espresso machine, make sure you use Jurang Fair Trade Espresso Beans). Using instant coffee will drastically decrease the quality of the finished product, so it is not recommended.

While the coffee is brewing, warm a coffee glass -or cup if you don't have a glass- and add your chosen liquor and two teaspoons of sugar - mix well. Then simply add your freshly brewed coffee to about a centimetre from the top of your glass and stir before pouring cream over the back of a warmed teaspoon (to make it float). All thats left then is to simply enjoy.

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Liquor Coffee Names

Liquor coffees can be made with virtually any liquor so there is bound to be on to your liking. Below are a few options and their official names which are normally linked to the place or country that the liquor is from.

  • Highland Coffee – Scoth Whiskey
  • Shin Shin Coffee - Rum
  • Irish Coffee – Irish Whiskey
  • English Coffee - Gin
  • Brandy Coffee – Brandy
  • Monks Coffee – Benedictine
  • French Coffee – Grand Marnier
  • Russian Coffee - Vodka
  • Italian Classico – Amaretto
  • Seville Coffee - Cointreu
  • German Coffee – German Brandy
  • Baileys/Sultan Special - Baileys
  • Calypso Coffee – Tia maria
  • Jamaican Coffee – Tia Maria & Rum


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