Organic Fairtrade Coffee from Indonesia

David Cameron SpeakingPrime Minister David Cameron caused a real stir in Westminister when he announced that Westminister will be switching to what he described as: "the best coffee ever both in taste, price and true value for money when we consider that the farmers benefit from both the organic and fairtrade certification".

Cameron, holding an official press conference in response to tasting Jurang Organic Sumatra Fairtrade Coffee after he ordered a bag of the Jurang website, said that: "strong and stable government needed strong and stable coffee".

Meanwhile Nick Clegg released his own statement in which he said: "This is a real breakthrough and a historic opportunity for us to change the coffee supply of Westminister as well as the voting system in this country".

Gordon Brown, who is enjoying some time to reflect on his next stage in life, also joined the debate by adding: "If you are interested in trying this coffee yourself then I urge you to buy a bag from the Jurang website. We can defy those bigots that say Fairtrade doesn't make a difference and show them that this coffee proves that high quality coffee doesn't have to cost the earth or the people that work the land".

Jurang Fair Trade would like to emphasise that this page is not a reflection of real events. We simply wanted to make you laugh whilst introducing our new coffee. If you have good reason to request removal of this page or certain elements, please contact us using our contact form.

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