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Spanish company Quality Espresso are the leading manufacturer of Espresso and Cappucino Machines since 1952. Their products, which include brands such as Gaggia, Futurmat, Visacrem, Italcrem and Mairali have become a professional foodservice benchmark when it comes to commercial espresso and cappuccino coffee machines. Gaggia has the obvious name recognition for its brand because of historic reasons, however, Quality Espresso's standard of manufacturing is shared across the range of brands they produce.

Quality Espresso's success story starts with Gaggia in 1952, only four years after Achile Gaggia patented the technique for espresso extraction in Italy. Another 4 years later Faema arrived in Spain too, providing not only competition to Gaggia, but more importantly placing Spain on the map during the rapid expansion of the espresso culture across the Mediterranean in the years that followed.

Both Gaggia and Faema became independent Spanish entities from their parents companies and in 1967 Gaggia developed the Visacrem brand and started exporting their machines. Similarly in 1978 the Futurmat brand was developed by Faema. Futurmat soon became the best selling brand in Spain, confirming its quality and reputation for solid and durable equipment. Barcelona soon became the center of innovation too and made significant contributions to the development of espresso technology; most notably the uncorporation of vertical release electro-valves being fitted underneath the group heads. This feature is now used by all major espresso equipment manufacturers.

Both Gaggia and Faema were purchased by Quality Espresso in 2001 and headquarters were set in Barcelona in a factory that was built by Faema in the 60’s. From Barcelona, Quality Espresso sells espresso equipment around the world under its various brand names.

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