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Coffee Kit

If you are a coffee lover and enjoy adding to your coffee collection you will enjoy our growing range of coffee kit, designed to make brewing your own coffee fun and achievable!

If you can't find what you are looking for please contact us on 01172 640126 we would love to help!

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Chemex Filter Papers - Squares (100)

Chemex Squares Filter Papers are cone-shaped paper filters for use with the Chemex Classic Home Brewer (for 6, 8 and 10 cup models).


Next Working Day Delivery (order before 2pm).

£9.99 exVAT

Bodum Cafetiere 8 Cup Coffee Maker

The Bodum 8 Cup Caffettiera uses the classic French press way of fresh coffee brewing; pour boiling water from the kettle to some Fairtrade ground coffee and allow to steep for great-tasting coffee with ease.


Next Working Day Delivery (order before 2pm).

£17.50 exVAT

Scott Milkissimo Milk Frother

The Scott Milkissimo Milk Frother is simple to use yet impressive in its results. This 4in1 milk frother creates perfect hot or cold frothed milk in 3 easy steps and just seconds to process.


Free Next Working Day Delivery from Jurang (when you order before 11am).

£64.99 exVAT

Ratio Thermal Carafe

The Ratio Thermal Carafe is the perfect coffee pourer that fully shows off Ratio’s expertise for the more modern coffee fanatic.

Choose either Dark Cobalt or White in the drop-down below.


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£115.83 exVAT

Hario Wood Water Dripper

The Wood Water Dripper by Hario is an innovative device that is perfect if you are a coffee fanatic looking for fresh coffees that show off their complexities.

Select either the 600ml or 2L version in the drop-down.


Free 227g Machu Picchu Coffee.


Fast Free Delivery from Jurang.

£354.16 exVAT

Bodum Latte Milk Frother with Glass Handle

Whip your milk into airy foam with the Bodum Latte Milk Frother. Simple to use and is guaranteed to enhance your coffee experience in just 30 seconds.


Next Working Day Delivery (order before 2pm).

£16.99 exVAT

Chemex 3-Cup Classic

The Chemex Classic 3 cup home brewer is iconic not only because of its attractive glass piece but mainly due to the way the Chemex Classic brews pure fresh coffee without bitterness or sediment.


Next Working Day Delivery (order before 2pm).

£29.99 exVAT

Bodum Chocolatier Chocolate Jug (1L)

Why not treat yourself to a comforting mug of hot chocolate! Layered in rich, creamy frothed milk your Hot Chocolate will be ready in only minutes thanks to the piston whipping system of the Bodum Chocolatiere Chocolate Jug.


Next Working Day Delivery (order before 2pm).

£24.99 exVAT

Kinto Pour Over Kettle 900ml (Matt)

The Kinto Pour Over Kettle in Matt finish is a top-quality pour-over kettle that is now considered an essential coffee accessory when looking to brew premium coffee at home.


Free Next Working Day Delivery (order before 2pm).

£85.00 exVAT

Pezzetti Steelexpress Moka Pot (6 Cup)

The Pezzetti Steelexpress is a premium quality Moka Pot for brewing the famous espresso black coffee found in Italy. Its 8 sided shape enables perfect diffusion of the heat, to ensure all of the flavour and aroma of the coffee is extracted; enjoy barista-quality coffee daily.


Available in Silver, Dove Green or Teal Blue (select in the drop-down).


Next Working Day Delivery (order before 2pm).

£23.99 exVAT

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