Brita Aqua Gusto 250

Brita Aqua Gusto 250 are water filters are designed to sit inside the water tank of your coffee or espresso machine. Buy Brita AquaGusto 250 in bulk and save up to £300!

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£13.99 (inc VAT)

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The BRITA AquaGusto water tank filter enhances the flavour & aroma of coffee. These Aqua Gusto filters can be used in almost any coffee machine. Reduces limescale build-up. Simple and quick to use.

Bulk Buy (use drop down box when adding to basket):
- Single Filter: £13.99 each
- Pack of 3: £12.99 each (save £3)
- Pack of 10: £10.50 each (save £34.90)
- Pack of 30: £9.50 each (save £134.70)
- Pack of 60: £8.00 each (save £359.40)

This is the Brita Aqua Gusto 250 (250L capacity or 6 months - whichever comes first). The 100L capacity Aqua Gusto 100 is also available.

New exchange signal
Simply place the filter change signal (provided) in a visible location and press the button. The signal will now alert you when the filter needs changing.

Key Benefits of BRITA AquaGusto
1. For use in all conventional water tanks: no adapter or assembly required.
2. Includes automatic filter change signal.
3. Simple to install and exchange.
4. Enhances coffee flavour & aroma.
5. Reduces limescale build-up.

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