Hope for justice - We fight against human trafficking, join us

What is 'Hope for Justice'?

Hope for Justice is an anti-human trafficking organisation that works to uncover and abolish the hidden crime of modern-day slavery. They have a unique vision to assist the police practically through intelligence gathering and rescue within the UK. Hope for Justice have 4 areas of operation:

1. Investigating and bringing about the rescue of victims from the abuse of human trafficking.
2. Assisting in the protection and rehabilitation of victims
3. Ensuring perpetrators are held responsible for their crimes via prosecution
4. Campaigning at local, national and international level to ensure the laws on human trafficking work effectively to combat the problem.

Jurang's Support & Why?

As a business Jurang Wholesale Limited donates money to Hope for Justice every month. That means that every order you place with us helps us to give more to this fantastic charity.

The reason we support Hope for Justice is because its vision is actually very much related to the cause of Fairtrade and the larger movement of Trade Justice. Human trafficking sadly involves sexual trafficking and forced prostitution, however, surprisingly perhaps, it also involves a lot of forced labour and bonded labour - right here in the UK. And this is what often can be seen abroad in non-Fairtrade environments; where the poor and powerless are actually oppressed to produce many of our everyday commodities. This is where we believe the link lies between our passion for Trade Justice and the vision of Hope for Justice to see the end of human trafficking.

Find out more

Find out more about the work that Hope for Justice do and visit: www.hopeforjustice.org.uk


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