The Coffee Mate is not an official UK Jura dealer & they are not authorised to sell Jura machines.

Owner of the website is AMICUM TEAM LTD. Although this is a registered UK company (10328461) it does not operate from the UK. Its registered office address is a generic address where, at the time of checking, 26 other companies are also registered (

Sole director of the company is Aurimas Vainauskas, an Lithuanian residing in Lithuania (

The domain is registered to “UAB Maina & Co”, which Nominet (official UK domain name registry) lists as a “Non-UK Individual”, based in Lithuania.

Because The Coffee Mate has a website and is advertising a UK telephone number, people assume they are a legitimate UK Jura dealer. However, this is not the case and you will not have a warranty or access to the Jura support centre when you buy from The Coffee Mate. Please contact Jura Products UK, the official UK Jura importer to independently confirm this: 01282 868266.