Why Choose Jurang?

We believe in MORE

Fairtrade certification ensures that producers in developing countries are given a fair price for their labour; allowing them to invest in their communities and escape from poverty. At Jurang we are passionate about fair and ethical trading and believe that if we want to enjoy premium coffee then this should only be done in the knowledge that no injustices are occurring. We want to thank you, our customers, for buying fairtrade products such as tea and coffee, as this has a huge impact and positive benefit on the lives of those who otherwise would likely be struggling to maintain a sustainable living in coffee farming.

We believe that the equipment we sell will exceed your expectations, that our coffee will taste amazing and that our service will impress you.

five star reviews

Our 5-star customer reviews will give you many reasons why others believe you should choose Jurang and you can read them here. Additionally, here are 5 reasons why you should choose Jurang:

1. We stand for quality
Quality is important to us and we are serious about running a great business. We are aware that ethical companies are sometimes seen as focussing too much on doing 'the right thing' and 'forget' to run a viable business. One of our goals is to change that. We have grown consistently over the past few years despite a recession and difficult economic times. We believe this is down to our commitment to only selecting quality equipment, choosing only quality coffee, tea & catering products and fanatically striving to impress people with our customer service.

Happy coffee farmer

2. We are independent
We are authorised dealers for a number of different coffee machine manufacturers; most of which are competitors. We know the particular strengths and weaknesses of each brand and as such can be independent and give you honest and unbiased advice. Different machines will suit different requirements, budgets and settings. We made a conscious decision to put your requirements first. We will never advise you based on what we have been told to sell or based on how we can get the most attractive sales commission. Instead, we will put you first and that is a promise.

3. We are a real company
We are a UK Limited company, registered with Companies House since 2010 and working on being the best in our industry every day. We have offices and employ staff. We have more than 2500 satisfied customers; the majority across the UK and Ireland and some in Europe and the US.

4. Service and support
Sometimes things can go wrong or you might just simply have a question. We are here to help and offer our customers a complimentary after-sales and support service with their machines through our Jurang ProCare contracts. Additionally, we provide life-long discounts on cleaning and maintenance products as well as other exclusive promotions and offers. For our domestic customers, we offer Jurang HomeCare; giving domestic customers access to the same professional support our commercial clients enjoy.

5. We do things differently

We only sell Fair Trade coffee and tea products because we believe Fairtrade is one way of doing trading in a way which is fairer and carries a vision for a world where the bottom line is people, not profit.