Meet The Team

Jurang is a UK based ethical coffee company with a difference, and we are celebrating our 10th year in business! We have many happy regular customers and Jurang is 5 star rated on Ekomi and Google.

As Jurang is an authorised coffee machine dealer for brands such as Jura, Franke and Bravilor, we work closely with independent technical engineers across the UK. Our team of operational staff deals with sales, management, planning, accounts, website design and much more.

Jurang is a family run business, and we realise the world of online shopping can be pretty faceless at times. That's why we wanted to introduce some of our key staff to you and put faces to voices and e-mails.

Picture of Pete Nadin


Pete loves spending time with his wife and daughter, currently lives in Yorkshire and is a Christian. Pete worked for Jurang alongside Corniel and Paul when the business first started 10 years ago and carries a range of experience from marketing and working in coffee at Jurang and Cafés, to qualifying as a debt counsellor and attaining a degree in Theology.

In 2019 the founder of Jurang, Corniel, decided it was perfect timing to pass the reins of directorship to Pete in order to pursue becoming an Anglican Priest. With a passion for fair trade, ethical products and coffee, Pete is rising to the opportunity.

Pete has learnt everything from Corniel about the business and is working closely with the Jurang team to bring some exciting developments soon. All updates will be to strengthen the mission of Jurang to become an ethical online store focusing on Fairtrade coffee being enjoyed the best way, through premium coffee machines. Stay tuned!

Picture of Ben Roberts


Ben is responsible for everything on the sales front including orders, quotes and taking on new clients. Coming from a sales and customer service background in banking and the automotive industry, he has built up a wealth of knowledge which he uses to make sure that your orders and enquiries with Jurang are processed effectively.

In 2019, we contacted Ben to bring him on board and he was keen to be a part of Jurang. He enjoys working with Pete, who is a childhood friend.

Ben is recently engaged and loves cars, music and computer games. He can quite easily talk for hours about cars, so it is strongly advised not to get him started on the topic! However, his attention to detail and passion for quality customer service means that he is the ideal man for the job.

Picture of Ben Roberts


Becci is the newest member of the Jurang team, who has come on board to oversee Jurang’s social media and communication, plus she makes sure that your orders are processed in record time. Becci loves people and has a strong background in supporting the most vulnerable in society. She loves good coffee, Instagram and getting things done, so is perfect for this new challenge.

Becci has lived in West Yorkshire for the past 10 years with her husband and two gorgeous girls. She is an active member of her church and when she is not spending time with family or friends she helps lead a youth group which she loves. Becci is on a mission to sample every flavour of Gin that she can (which she’s doing pretty well at).

Picture of Paul Nadin


Paul works part-time for Jurang. His background in running successful online businesses, his belief in Fairtrade and his love for (very) strong espresso meant that he is the perfect man to oversee Jurang's ongoing development of an attractive and reliable internet brand.

This has resulted in Jurang supplying large clients including some top UK universities, the Equality & Human Rights Commission and KPMG as well as independent, small businesses across the UK, from cafes to restaurants and from offices to conference centres.

Paul is married and likes to take to the outdoors in his spare time. He is a keen runner with a marathon and various 10k charity runs under his belt. Paul is also a motorsport enthusiast who can set down a pretty mean lap time himself if necessary.

Picture of Sam Roberts


Sam is our programming and design guru. He is responsible for all the things that you can see on the website but also for all the things that you can't see but that enable you to see what you can see. Sam also loves having lots of monitors.

You will probably never speak to Sam but through the code, he is always speaking to you... In his spare time, Sam likes finding more monitors. He is also a keen F1 supporter and he has been to Silverstone to witness 'great things' a number of things. Finally, he likes tinkering with computers and designing things for his World Domination Program (WDP).

Picture of Corniel Quak


Corniel founded Jurang in 2009. He is originally from Holland. This meant the continental appreciation for good coffee was in his blood from a young age. He was horrified when he was served a cup of instant coffee in a coffee shop when he first moved to the UK in 2003!

But he was not just passionate about good coffee, he was even more passionate about Fair Trade. Corniel started Jurang with a friend at his local Anglican Parish Church in Greater Manchester, selling Fairtrade products after the Sunday morning services. It soon turned into a business and in the 10 years that followed he grew Jurang into one of the UK's leading ethical coffee companies.

In 2019 he took a step back from the daily operations but continues to serve as an adviser to the business. He is currently exploring a Christian vocation and hopes to be an Anglican Priest one day.