Jura ENA Micro 1

The Jura ENA Micro 1 has now been discontinued.

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Question: You want perfect Espresso and Americano at the touch of a button?

Answer: Simple, the Jura ENA 1 Micro - Jura's ultra-compact 1-cup coffee machine delivering hot black coffee crowned with a perfect crema. Buy from an official, authorised Jura dealer for the best price and a valid 25 month warranty (domestic use only).

This machine is compact and stylish, yet powerful. The key lies in its simplicity: a powerful 15 bar pump, an Aroma+ grinder, intelligent pre-heating using Thermoblock technology and a pre-brew aroma system (IPBAS). Those are the perfect ingredients to create a quality bean to cup machine that delivers an excellent cup every time. Add to that Jura's renowned Swiss build quality & bean to cup experience and you can see why Jura is considered the machine of choice for coffee lovers.

The Jura ENA 1 Micro allows you to program 3 coffee sizes. The standard setting is Ristretto, Espresso & Americano (black coffee). You can also set up to two aroma levels. The Aroma+ grinder is designed to grind your beans fast so there is the minimum amount of time between grinding and coffee extraction; crucial to achieving the best taste.The intelligent preheating feature prepares the powerful Thermoblock technology to ensure your coffee is piping hot and crowned with that important feather-light crema.

Advantages: The machine is small & compact. It looks stylish and is easy to use. Powerful Jura technologies inside as there is no compromise on quality despite its low price point.

Disadvantages: Small water tank and drip tray/waste bin mean filling & emptying more often. The machine itself cannot produce milky coffee beverages and will dispense black coffee specialities only.


Jura ENA Micro 1

Ultra Compact

The ENA 1 Micro is an ultra-compact model, reduced to just 23 x 32.3 x 44.5cm (WxHxD).




Jura ENA Micro 1 controlsEase to use

Using the ENA 1 Micro is very easy. You can easily program 3 different cup sizes, each with 2 aroma levels. This gives you 6 black coffee specialities, each of which you can have the ENA 1 prepare for you using the touch panel.



Jura ENA Micro 1 zero energyEnergy efficiency

The Jura ENA 1 Micro has been equipped with Jura's automatic energy-saving mode. You can also program an automatic switch-off time and further high energy efficiency is achieved with Jura's patented Zero-Energy Switch.


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