Chemex Ottomatic Coffee Brewer

The Chemex Ottomatic gives you consistently perfect brewing with the press of a button. Complete with 6 cup glass carafe and other accessories.

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The Chemex Ottomatic coffeemaker is designed to complement the well-known elegance of the Chemex glass carafes. The Ottomatic brewer features a clean and simple design, which highlights the quality and functionality of the Chemex range and emphasises one of their key philosophies: to bring good science and good design together.

When used with the patented Chemex bonded filter papers, the Ottomatic's brewing process is able to deliver the perfect cup of coffee time and time again: no sediments and no bitter elements.

The Chemex Ottomatic automatically manages key brewing variables such as pre-infusion and the contact time of water to coffee. Additionally, the Ottomatic heats the water to the Speciality Coffee Industry target of 197.6F-204.8F, whilst the hot plate is designed to keep the coffee warm without ever burning the coffee, which would compromise flavour.

The Ottomatic also introduces Chemex's so-called “Greedy Cup” Sprayhead Technology. This unique technology ensures the brewing cycle is automatically staged and employs a pulsing water bath with a steady temperature. The technology also ensures the entire coffee bed is wetted, which combined with the other features, means an even extraction of every dose of coffee.

Our price includes everything you need: a Chemex Ottomatic Brewer (with UK plug), a six cup classic series glass Chemex carafe, a small pack of CHEMEX® bonded filters, a coffeemaker cover and some coffeemaker cleaner. Delivery in the UK is free.

Please note that the Ottomatic is fully compatible with all 5, 6 and 8 cup Chemex carafes.

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