La Spaziale S5 EK (2 Group)

La Spaziale S5 EK - fully automatic espresso machine. Extraction temperature control per group head and LED controlled boiler temperature control.

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The La Spaziale S5 EK 2 group espresso machine. If you are serious about coffee and want the best from an espresso machine, then the La Spaziale S5 needs to be on your shortlist. From functional options to pure visual indulgence options, the S5 gives you room to choose and customise. Of course, none of the key La Spaziale technologies are missing on this outstanding espresso machine:

- Patented Heat Exchange System
- Temperature control of group heads
- 2 steam wands and separate hot water outlet
- EK version: fully automatic with programmable dosage settings

Add to that some of the specific benefits of the La Spaziale S5:

- Electronic boiler temperature regulation
- Steam and water operation through levers, rather than knobs for instant interaction
- Automatic operating temperature boost function
- Boiler temperature indicated by LED display

The S5 is available in different editions. For example the La Spaziale S5 T.A (take away) features a higher body, so you can fit paper take out cups directly underneath the group heads. Another option is to fit an automatic steam wand with adjustable temperature settings (MAT) or you can opt for the ITC option, which allows you to set the temperature of the extraction of each individual group head; perfect for when you want to offer more than one type of espresso bean and require a different extraction temperature to achieve the best flavour from each bean. Finally, La Spaziale offer the S5 in gold version for when it isn't just high tech engineering and outstanding performance that is required (see also front view of gold finish and the rear view of gold finish).

La Spaziale machines are unique because of their patented heat exchange system. Because of this patent only La Spaziale machines can benefit from this revolutionary system: a temperature stable system which will always deliver a highly consistent espresso extraction.

What's special about La Spaziale's Heat Exchange System?
Rather than using the water inside the boiler to heat the pipes through which the water runs that is used for a shot of espresso, La Spaziale's heat exchange system uses steam to heat these tubes. The temperature of the water inside a boiler fluctuates (increased demand: boiler refills, drawing off steam). Steam, on the other hand, doesn't have a fluctuating temperature, but following the rules of nature always retains a consistent temperature.

View a diagram of the La Spaziale heat exhange system

Having a consistent temperature at the group head is important. The slightest difference in temperature at the point of extraction will make a difference in the taste of the coffee. Lowering the temperature 1 to 2 degrees will result in a sickly taste and an increase of similar proportions results in a bitter or burnt taste. Your customers will not only expect a high quality coffee, they will also demand consistency. With the La Spaziale S5 espresso machine you are assuring this consistency which gives you an opportunity to set yourself apart from your competitors.

Setting the temperature
Every bean has its own temperature sweetspot. Most espresso machines are set at a standard extraction temperature prior to despatch from the factory and to change it at a later date you will likely have to pay an engineer to come out and change it for you. With La Spaziale machines you can easily change the extraction temperature yourself, allowing you to be in control.

Installation - and why it's so important
When you acquire an espresso machine, you are acquiring a specialist piece of equipment. To get it set up and working to the best of its abilities, you will likely need some help. When we send you a bespoke quote for an espresso machine and required accesories, we will always include installation of the machine in the price as standard (unless you tell us differently).

We believe a La Spazialle installation is vital to you using your machine to its full capabilities. In addition to getting everything connected up and working, the engineer will review your espresso beans and set the grinder accordingly. She or he will also explain the importance of grinding and what various coarseness settings can achieve. Then the engineer will help you set the best extraction temperature and time for your espresso bean and, more importantly: show you how you can alter this yourself should you ever change your espresso beans or decide you want to change the taste profile of your coffee. We do not make money on installations and only include them because we believe them to be important and valuable. The cost of the installation is designed to cover the expense of a qualified and trained engineer sharing her or his knowledge to help you get the most out of your La Spaziale machine.

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