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Victoria Arduino Mythos Two Grinder (Pure White) gallery image #1
Victoria Arduino Mythos Two Grinder (Pure White) gallery image #2
Victoria Arduino Mythos Two Grinder (Pure White) gallery thumbnail #1
Victoria Arduino Mythos Two Grinder (Pure White) gallery thumbnail #2

Victoria Arduino Mythos Two Grinder (Pure White)


£2,495.00 (incVAT)

The Mythos Two is an on-demand coffee grinder of the highest calibre, with smart devices and advanced technology to satisfy the needs of any barista.


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Victoria Arduino Mythos One Grinder

The Victoria Arduino Mythos Two in Pure White is a state-of-the-art coffee bean grinder that has the latest technology with new smart devices to satisfy the needs of the most demanding barista.

After the renowned success of the Mythos One, Victoria Arduino have pushed the boat even further with the all-new Mythos Two. The upgraded brother features innovative Gravimetric high tech for accuracy like no other grinder, an essential factor for a professional barista looking for fine ground perfection for espresso's all day long.

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Victoria Arduino Mythos Two Gravimetric Tech

Every dose of ground coffee is measured with pinpoint accuracy through the Gravimetric technology that measures by weight with pinpoint precision to ensure a fine density for premium espresso extraction.

The Mythos Two coffee grinder is becoming increasingly popular as it enables the ability to keep the coffee aromas and avoid any oxidation which results in rancidity, as espresso coffee should ideally be instantly ground. The Mythos Two grinder ultimately has two main technologies that significantly improve the quality of the coffee and extraction, whilst also offering perfect precision, improved waste management, simple maintenance and attractive acoustic comfort.


The truth is that less well-built grinders that don't have this technology can over time provide unstable granulometry that results in inconsistent grinds which is a no-go for top-end coffee shops and experienced professional barista's.

The Victoria Arduino Mythos Two has an on-demand grinder with a top-quality management system that enables the chamber temperature of the grinder to guarantee a consistent dose to ensure a more premium espresso extraction. The chamber temperature of the grinder impacts the constancy of the dose more than you may expect, as the Clima Pro technology controls this temperature by using a cooling system that begins automatically once the sensor detects any sudden changes in temperature.

The CLIMA PRO 2.0 feature which comes as standard with the Victoria Arduino Mythos Two Grinder solves this issue by offering a lower running temperature to set a new standard for on-demand bean grinder operating. Having a cooler grinding chamber means not only does the machine and the beans stay at optimum temperature, but it also means the unit doesn't overheat causing inconsistency throughout a busy day.

HD Touch Display and Speed Customisation

The new larger HD LCD touch screen offers the ability to customise and program the speed of the motor (between 600 - 1200 RPM), allowing you to easily choose between settings for the exact coffee ground output.

These fantastic features enable the experienced barista to have a more hands-on experience by varying the RPM to ensure the structure of the ground is the best it can be to enhance the aroma for every espresso.

This is no simple technology that has been built into the new variable speed motor, which has now been patented by Victoria Arduino, as it results in control and consistency relating to speed, whilst not affecting the temperature of the chamber and unit to ensure the grind is perfect for years to come - all whilst being one of the most effective in energy savings.

2kg Hopper, 15kg daily output and Titanium Grinders

The 85mm titanium burrs are at the top of their game that results in the Mythos Two allowing for record service speed and an output of up to 15kg of coffee per day.

This means that you can grind quicker than, more accurately than, with improved density, at the correct temperature, whilst saving on energy, produce the perfect espresso with an even better aroma than the Mythos One, all day long.

The Mythos Two stands alone due to its Clima Pro system and Clump Crusher tech that can be trusted to provide a consistent dose with regularity in its coffee stream outflow providing the best in extraction quality. In our modern coffee world, increasing numbers of baristas are recognising the need for Mythos Two’s new technology that ensures premium ground coffee for espresso.

A barista would come to recognise over time that this excellent grinder is an ergonomic product too, as the system for attaching the filter holder prevents stress building on the barista’s wrist. The Mythos One filter holder system results in the barista not even needing to hold the device during the filling phase. The Clump Crusher system significantly influences the quality of the espresso extraction as it eliminates any effect in static electricity during the grinding of the coffee to provide the maximum precision of the output stream of every blend.

Victoria Arduino Mythos Two Specifications


  • Grinding adjustment - Micrometric
  • Grinding speed (sec/dose) - 2
  • Gross weight - 24,5kg/54.01lb (variable speed) 23,5kg/51,8lb (fixed speed)
  • Net weight - 21,9kg/48.28lb 21kg/46,9lb (fixed speed)
  • Weight - 30 kg

Key Features and Technical Data

  • Bean hopper capacity: 2 Kg
  • Burrs: Long Life Ø = 85mm
  • Power: 650W (230V)
  • Voltage: 230V 50/60 Hz
  • Maximum daily production: 15 Kg
  • Dimensions LxPxH: 202 x 416 x 518

If you would like to enquire about a bespoke package for this machine or any other. Whether it's optional extras, machine variants or delivery specifications, please give us a call on 0800 993 0831 or email us at we are more than happy to help you find the perfect deal just for you!
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