Jurang Summer Closure

Jurang will be closed from 5pm on Monday 7th August 2018 until 9am on Thursday 23rd August 2018. We will not process orders or answer phone calls and e-mails during this time.


Why are we closing

Life is busy, demands on our time never seem to end and even when we are off, many of us struggle to really let go of the daily grind. Work is an important part of this 'grind'.

We do love work and we actually believe work is an important part of life. We believe it contributes to how we function as humans and as a society. We are passionate about this business and our customers. However, we have realised that in order to give 100% every day, we need to find time to properly rest also.

As a small business, we often have to rely on key members of staff to remain on-call or perform skeleton duties, even during their holidays. Over recent years we have realised that it is important to ensure all staff have the opportunity to enjoy their breaks without any such interruptions. Instead, we rather interrupt our business activities for a short amount of time.


Coffee Machine Support

Simply contact your Account Contact by e-mail during our Summer Closure. An automated e-mail will provide you with the necessary information to contact third party support. If you are in doubt about who to e-mail, please e-mail orders(at)jurang.co.uk


Thank you

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for your understanding. We look forward to returning after our holiday: refreshed and ready to serve you even better.

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