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Fair Trade Coffee

Jurang Wholesale Limited t/a Jurang Fair Trade is a Coffee Company. We only sell premium quality coffee and ensure it is sourced only from sustainable and ethical sources through Fairtrade accreditation.

Fair Trade Coffee Selection

Cafedirect Fair Trade Coffee Jurang Fair Trade Coffee

Clipper CoffeeOromo Coffee Coffee Beans

See all Fair Trade Coffee including Catering Coffee Sachets and our premium Fair Trade Coffee Sachets.

Buy Fairtrade Coffee

Coffee SelectionWith the invaluable help of international experts, we have selected the best Fair Trade Coffee from all over the world.

Buy some of the most inspiring and best tasting fair trade coffee online; from single origin varieties and expertly crafted coffee blends to great tasting instant coffee.


Quality as standard

Our commitment to quality means that you can be sure that any coffee you buy will taste great. We are your one stop coffee shop and cater for all your coffee requirements.


More than coffee

We also supply other products, including: Sugar Sticks, Milk Portions, Paper Cups and Monin Syrups.

Single Origin Coffee Selection

From Africa to South America and Indonesia; buy superb single origin coffees with the click of a button:


- Ethiopia: Oromo Ethiopian Coffee
- Tanzania: Cafedirect Kilimanjaro Coffee

South America

- Mexico: Cafedirect Mayan Palenque Coffee
- Nicaragua: Cafedirect Cloud Forest
- Peru: Cafedirect Machu Picchu Coffee


- Sumatra: Jurang Organic Sumatra Coffee
- Papua New Guinea: Clipper Organic Coffee


We are adding new products to our selection all the time. You can check out all our New Products here. Some of our latest additions are the Jura Impressa XJ5, various Fairtrade Vending Machine Ingredients and Clipper Coffee Sachets.

Filter Coffee Machines

Filter Coffee is growing in popularity as people are moving away from drinking instant coffee and are starting to drink fresh coffee. We have supplied hundreds of our customers with filter coffee machines, accessories and filter coffee.

Bravilor Filter Coffee Machine Bravilor Novo 2

- Brews 12 cups in 5 minutes
- Easy to use and maintain
- 2 Glass Decanters
- 2 Year Parts Warranty
- 1 Year Labour Warranty

Bravilor Mondo Coffee MachineBravilor Mondo Twin

- Brews 48 cups in 12 minutes
- Manual Water Fill
- 4 Glass Decanters
- 2 Year Parts Warranty
- 1 Year Labour Warranty

Charitable Involvement

Dalit Candles Logo

Jurang is proud to support Dalit Candles, an inspiring trade project in India with a vision to build orphanages for Dalit orphans. Funds for this are provided in a number of ways, including the sale of fairly traded handmade scented wax candles online. Why not support this great charity and help provide a future for people who are considered the lowest of the low in India.

Fairtrade for Churches

We are passionate about getting churches and other faith groups to support Fairtrade as part of putting faith into action. Find out more about Fair Trade for Churches and Faith Groups

Coffee Machines

Jura Coffee Machines Jura Coffee MachinesFranke Coffee Machines

We are an authorised UK coffee machine dealer. We sell Bravilor Bonamat Coffee Machines, Jura Coffee Machines and Franke Coffee Machines.

Simply browse our large selection of Coffee Machines online or phone us for help and advice on 0800 993 0831

Filter Coffee Machines

Filter Coffee Machines

Commercial filter coffee machines, including mains connected equipment and vacuum flask models.

Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

Get ultimate coffee freshness with a bean to cup machine. Professional coffee beverages at the touch of a button.

Fairtrade Espresso Beans

Fairtrade espresso beansFairtrade espresso beans, selected by international coffee experts.

Buy Fairtrade Espresso Beans

Our Fairtrade Espresso Beans have been selected for their ability to create an espresso which has that perfect full bodied, bitter-smooth flavour; great on its own or as a flavoursome base for espresso based beverages such as cappucinos and lattes. With prices at £10.99/kg for single bags and £80 for a case of 8kg, you can't afford not to go for a quality fair trade coffee for your espresso!

Espresso BeansFairtrade Logo

Blended Fair Trade Coffee

Choose expertly blended coffees by strength. Strength 3 gives a mild coffee whereas strength 5 gives you a deep, dark and full bodied coffee.

Strength 3:

Clipper French Roast
Cafedirect Medium Roast

Strength 4:

Clipper Italian Style
Cafedirect Rich Roast

Strength 5:

Jurang Espresso Filter Coffee
Clipper Espresso Roast

Do you want fresh filter coffee at the speed of instant coffee? Try these great Fairtrade 1 Cup Coffee Filters (strength 3/4)

NEW!: Buy Cafedirect Organic Espresso Beans in 4kg cases at Jurang. These well balanced espresso beans are not only Fairtrade certified, but also certified organic.

Jurang Online Shopping

We accept all major credit and debit cards. Additionally we offer credit accounts to businesses, public sector organisations and educational institutions. Payment can be made online or if you prefer, you can ring us and a member of staff will take your payment over the phone.

Secure Online Shopping

We take part in the Prudent Minds Secure Online Shopping Accreditation scheme and have been awarded the coveted Secure Online Shopping badge, which means you can buy online from us with the confidence that your credit or debit card details are never at risk.

So buy some Fair Trade Coffee, or a quality Coffee Machine knowing that your details are safe.

Fair Trade Coffee Hampers

Our unique Fair Trade Coffee Hampers have been created to impress.

Buy Gourmet Coffee Hamper.

Other Fair Trade Gift Hampers

Fairtrade Gift Hamper

Oromo Coffee Gift Set

Premium Fair Trade Gift Hamper

For Hampers with Wine visit our partner Fairtrade Wine Club

Jura Bean to Cup Machines

We are an authorised UK Jura dealer, offering the full range of Jura commercial bean to cup machines and a hand picked selection of machines for household use


Jura Impressa J9


Our selection includes smaller machines such as the Jura ENA Micro 1 and the updated Jura Impressa C50 and Jura Impressa C90 as well as the top of the range Jura Impressa J9 TFT and the Jura Impressa Z9 One Touch TFT.

Limited Edition Jura ENA Micro Easy now in stock - limited availability so HURRY!


Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

Bean to Cup Machines are extremely popular as the demand for quality coffee is growing.

The Jura Giga X9 and the Jura GIGA X7 Professional are now available. As one of Jura's select commercial dealers we are supplying these top of the range bean to cup machines. Do you want some of the great new features of the GIGA range, but don't need a high capacity machine? Check out the Jura Impressa XJ9 instead. You can also check out our range of Jura Domestic Bean to Cup Machines.

Jura Giga X9 Bean to Cup Machine

Fair Trade Tea

In addition to fair trade coffee we also sell Fairtrade tea. Including Cafedirect Fairtrade Tea, Clipper Tea and Everyday Tea.

Jurang is one of a select number of retailers to sell Just Change Tea- Fair Trade Tea from India

Bulk Buy and Wholesale
We also sell catering tea for various purposes, including Bulk Fairtrade Tea and Tagged Drawstring Tea bags.

Jura Impressa A5

Bean to Cup Machines

Because we are authorised Jura and Franke dealers, we have access to all the machines available from these market leaders in bean to cup equipment, including:

Franke Flair Bean to Cup Machine Franke Flair

- Approx. 120 cups a day
- 2 High Precision Grinders
- Automatic Cleaning
- Automatic Rinsing
- Separate Steam Arm
- Separate Hot Water Arm

Jura GIGA X3

The new Jura GIGA X3 machine is now available! A powerful, single grinder machine with all the fantastic GIGA features as standard and a 3 year commercial warranty!

Our Fair Trade Products

We offer a selection of Fairtrade certified products

Fairtrade logo

Look for products with this mark

In addition to our premium Fair Trade Coffee, we sell a large number of other Fairtrade certified and fairly traded products. What is Fairtrade?

Find out more about Fairtrade Fortnight 2013 dates here.

You can also see all of our Products and Services or use our handy Guide to Coffee Machines. Why not check out our recent additions, including Lakeland Semi Skimmed UHT Milk Box of 120

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