Jurang's New Look!

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Our New Look!

Things have been changing here at Jurang with new staff, a new website, and even more new products. Among these changes, the thing that we are most excited about is our new look and the opportunity we now have to refocus the vision of Jurang.

For the last 10 years, Jurang has been passionate about Fairtrade – this hasn’t changed one bit. As a staff team we LOVE coffee, but what makes our coffee even better is that everyone involved in the process is treated fairly.

We believe that people have infinite value, so when you buy Jurang Coffee you can be sure that for every hot drink that is brewed, the farmers who are really responsible for our coffee are making a fair living. With that in mind, we want to make it our mission to supply as many businesses, workplaces, churches and homes with delicious Fairtrade coffee.

We are passionate about delivering the best service possible! We love all things coffee, from machines to the beans – so we take our time to carefully select which coffee machines we sell, commercially and for your home! We never want to be complacent when it comes to our customers, so this will always remain our highest priority – with that in mind please do give us feedback so we can keep getting better.

Did we mention we love coffee? The first thing we do every morning when we get into the office is to enjoy some fresh coffee. Simply put – coffee makes us happy! This pretty much sums us up – we care about people being treated fairly, we are passionate about providing a great service, and we love good coffee!

We are Happy Coffee People.

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