Authorised Dealer

Peace of Mind

We believe that when you are investing in a new coffee machine, you should also expect a certain level of customer support.

At Jurang, we are an Official UK Authorised Dealer for all the coffee machine manufacturers that you see on our website, both domestic and commercial. You are not only buying the equipment, but the ongoing support of our team alongside genuine manufacturers warranty.

Buying from an official dealer like Jurang is important because you will receive honest and informed advice. Our staff attend regular training sessions and as a result, have in-depth product knowledge. You will also have the peace of mind that you will receive a genuine product directly from the manufacturer with a valid warranty and access to the UK service centre.

Rogue traders are rife on the internet and have been confirmed to sell second-hand machines, foreign machines, so-called "grey imports" and in some cases stolen machines. There are also a number of retailers on the web that sell equipment without being authorised to do so. Please note that buying a machine from any company not authorised to sell it, will mean you will have no warranty and no ongoing support from the company.

Buying from other online stores

Care should be taken when retailers operate from other European countries.

If you buy your machine from one of these retailers, your warranty may be affected. You will also find that you will not have a UK plug and the power settings/machine software may be set to continental standards. If the machine, therefore, needs amending, you will not be able to request a genuine technician as the machine will have not been purchased through an authorised channel.

Jurang Services

As an official dealer working in close partnership with the manufacturers, we offer you a full range of services, including technical support, servicing, warranty extensions, spare parts and consumables.

Buy with confidence

Because we are part of a select few companies that are authorised to sell professional machines, you can rest assure that you will receive genuine products with full warranty and the after-sales support when you need it.

If you have any doubts as to whether a retailer is authorised to sell a product, the best way to gain assurance is to speak to the manufacturer. They will be happy to let you know.

Call-outs and Repairs

At Jurang we believe purchasing a coffee machine should be an exciting time. It should be hassle-free and have you eager to get your first coffee brewed. Not only that, but we also believe that the journey shouldn't end after you receive the delivery of your goods. That is why we are just as keen to provide great aftercare as we are to providing a fantastic buying experience.

As an authorised dealer of the brands which we showcase that means that should you experience any issues with your machine at any point in the future we are your first port of call. We act as your representative to the companies and arrange any servicing or repairs that you may require.

High-end machines require a little bit of 'TLC' from time to time and it's good to get an engineer to come and give the machine a service once in a while. However, there are plenty of things you can do to make sure your machine keeps running in tip-top condition for years and years.

Machine Maintenance

Browse our range of maintenance products designed to ensure that your machine is ready for every occasion whether it's your first coffee of the day from your home filter coffee machine or providing colleagues at the offices with their much-needed coffee fix of the day.

Jurang Support Team

If you would like to request assistance with your machine then contact us at please include any information that is relevant to your issue or request.

Feel free to attach any pictures or videos of the issue. We will contact you as soon as we can with advice, tips or an engineer call out date dependant on what you require.

Please be as detailed as possible as this will help speed up the process for you!