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What is Arabica? image
21 October 2019

What is Arabica?

What is Arabica? And why is everyone going on about it?

In the vast world of coffee, it can be quite daunting to know what to buy. You may visit your local superstore and walk down the coffee aisle and feel your head filling with far too many questions, it all gets a bit much and then… you reach for the own-brand instant. There is nothing wrong with this necessarily (if it's Fairtrade of course)…

Welcome to our new home! image
30 September 2019

Welcome to our new home!

Welcome to the new Jurang website and blog!

We are very excited at what having a new website means for Jurang and for you, our customers. Jurang has taken many bold steps in business over the years, yet a new website is a development that has not been at the forefront until now...