Our Vision

Brewing a better world

Great coffee should be great for everyone.

That's why we've made it our mission to
craft exceptional coffee that values everyone it touches,
from the skilled farmers who cultivate our beans
to the dedicated roasters who bring out their unique flavours,
and finally to the coffee enthusiasts who savour each sip.
What's more, we are committed to building a better world,
with a portion of our proceeds going straight back to meet the
needs of the local communities where we source our coffee.
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For Farmers

We believe in paying farmers more than fair trade prices, ensuring their hard work is rewarded.

If the coffee that you buy is not ethical, then the likely situation for the farmers is that their families are struggling to cover essentials.

At Jurang, we have prided ourselves on only sourcing from Fairtrade producers for 10+ years, and for good reason. Fairtrade has set countless lives free from poverty that otherwise would still be struggling to put food on the table. While we have no desire to push Fairtrade aside, our drive for the most ethical coffee on the market has been probing us to ask, ‘Can more be done? '

The more we’ve explored ethical options, the more evident it’s become that if we want to positively impact the developing coffee world, the best way to do this is to get involved with farmers through Direct Trade.

Fairtrade does enable farmer co-ops to attain better prices for their beans, yet what is often misunderstood is that the co-operatives are the ones who agree on the minimum price paid to farmers. We’ve come to understand that many aspects relating to this are often not considered, i.e., ongoing costs for some farms are higher in different parts of the world, and therefore, some farmers could be worse off than others due to such imbalance. What's more, Fairtrade has many different premiums, and the more common Fairtrade base premium paid to farmers is now widely considered outdated and too low.

Going beyond Fairtrade

Moving to Direct Trade has enabled Jurang to pay farmers a premium that goes beyond Fairtrade base rates.

Direct Trade enables suppliers to cut out the middlemen by working directly with farmers. This means we can give more money back to the farmers whilst still offering great prices for our customers. The charge to become Fairtrade certified for many producers is so high that this often results in unnecessarily increased costs for the coffee to roasters and ultimately consumers, as someone within the chain must swallow the fee. Direct Trade erases this fee, resulting in better prices for consumers, yet still offering the same premiums, if not more of the cut, straight back to the farmers.

For this reason, producers are increasingly moving beyond Fairtrade to establish Direct Trade relationships with origin farms. What’s more, it is widely accepted that Direct Trade results in better quality coffee due to the improved farmer interaction. The amount Fairtrade premiums pay to farmers often doesn’t change depending on the quality of the crop. We don’t consider this very fair, as we believe farmers should be rewarded for their hard work.

We've concluded that Direct Trade is better for farmers, producers, and customers and are proud to state all of our Happy Coffee Beans are sourced ethically via Direct Trade relationships with origin farms worldwide.

We believe in a vision where the bottom line is people, not profit.

For Communities

We are committed to giving back to communities that fuel our passion.

Just like you, we care about the communities our coffee comes from.

Ever sipped on your morning pick-me-up and thought, "How can I make a difference today?" A portion of our profits from our Happy Coffee Beans goes straight into supporting projects that light up communities close to where we source our coffee. Thank you for supporting these initiatives and charitable projects.

Empowerment in every bean: coffee farmers are the unsung heroes behind every cup. That’s why we have created Direct Trade relationships with origin farms worldwide to ensure their hard work is rewarded. Better prices for farmers positively impact coffee communities, yet we believe more can be done by funnelling a portion of our profits into initiatives that help these communities thrive.

Be Free

We are currently supporting Be Free, a campaign that is taking a stand against human exploitation.

This is defined as the illegal exploitation of humans to force them to engage in commercial sex, labour, or other activities against their will. It relies on deception, force and coercion and degrades humans by depriving them of their freedom while economically or materially benefiting others. These practices are often referred to as ‘modern-day slavery’. Today it is estimated that 40 million people are enslaved.

The Be Free Campaign supports projects in Cambodia, Pakistan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Indonesia – some of these communities we have Direct Trade relationships with to source our coffee. At Be Free Cambodia, women who have been victims of human exploitation come into a programme of healing, rehabilitation, and mentoring.


You can’t be passionate about thriving communities without caring for our planet. All of the bags and sachets that we source are 100% recyclable. If you love Mother Earth, we believe you will love our coffee.

Stay tuned on our social media and blog for more updates on how you are making a difference by purchasing our Happy Coffee Beans.

We are passionate about keeping our eyes open for charitable projects that benefit the farming communities from which we source our coffee. We're not keeping any secrets, so feel free to join our Happy Coffee Community by checking us out on Instagram and Facebook. Our newsletters and blog posts provide regular updates on the impact of our Happy Coffee adventures.

For You

At Jurang, we aim to put you, our customer, first. We believe the key to a truly satisfying coffee experience goes beyond the beans – it encompasses exceptional taste, the best pricing, and ethical practices that go beyond fair.

1.    The Epitome of Taste: Our commitment to providing the best-tasting coffee is at the heart of what we do. Our beans are meticulously sourced from the finest coffee plantations worldwide, ensuring a rich and aromatic flavour profile across our range that captivates your senses with every sip. From the invigorating aroma to the full-bodied taste, our coffee promises a journey of indulgence for our customers no matter their requirements.

2.    Affordability Redefined: We understand the value of your money, especially if you are a business looking to keep overheads down. That's why, at Jurang, we offer the best pricing without compromising on quality. We can pass on the savings by streamlining our processes and fostering direct relationships with coffee growers. Now, you can relish the exquisite taste of premium coffee without breaking the bank.

3.    Brewing a Better World: Beyond taste and pricing, we are committed to ethical sourcing practices. Our coffee is sourced responsibly via Direct Trade, ensuring fair wages for farmers and promoting sustainable agricultural practices. With every cup, you can take pride in supporting a brand that prioritises the planet's and its people's well-being.

4.    Customer-Centric Approach: Our dedication to providing a superior coffee experience extends beyond the beans. At Jurang, we take pride in our 5-star customer service and professionalim. Our Happy Coffee Team is always ready to assist you, ensuring your journey with us is seamless and enjoyable. We have been a genuine UK limited company since 2010. Have questions or concerns? We're here to help!

5.    Happy Coffee Orders: We understand the anticipation of waiting for your favourite coffee to arrive. That's why our efficient orders team works diligently to process and dispatch your orders on time. Expect quality coffee and a delightful experience from the moment you click 'order', with free next working day delivery on orders over £50.

6.    Trade Account Benefits: As a token of appreciation for our loyal customers, we offer a trade account with exclusive perks. Enjoy 5% off on repeat happy coffee orders, avail of a 30-day credit terms, and more benefits tailored to enhance your experience with us.

Join our Happy Coffee Community and savour the advantages of being a valued customer.