Selecting the Ideal Bean-to-Cup Machine for Your Business

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Buying a coffee machine for your business is a big deal, and there are countless options to choose from. Our 5* service and 10+ years of experience selling professional machine-tailored packages are not the only things that separate us from the rest; we also offer a 100% ethical approach.

In the fast-paced world of commercial enterprises, a great cup of coffee can make all the difference. However, choosing the best machine for your business requires careful consideration. Among the many available options, we have compiled the following guide to help you navigate the various brands, models, and packages we offer to ensure you receive a bean-to-cup machine that ticks every box.

Evaluate Your Daily Coffee Consumption

Assessing your business's coffee consumption is imperative before delving into the intricacies of fresh milk versus powdered milk machines.

Understanding the daily coffee volume your business serves is essential for selecting a machine that can keep up with demand. Knowing your daily output is vital whether you're operating a bustling corporate office where coffee fuels productivity or a high-traffic retail establishment where customers seek a caffeine fix.

There are a few ways to gain this data; the easiest way is to count the number of employees in your company. In the UK, 80% of people drink coffee; on average, people drink two coffees daily. If you have a workforce of 16 people and, on average, people drink two coffees daily, you need a coffee machine that can do up to 30 cups daily. If you are a new restaurant or coffee shop planning to sell specialities to local customers, predicting how busy your café can be challenging. We recommend speaking to other local businesses to understand how many customers they serve daily (i.e. bakeries, butchers etc).

We generally advise customers to purchase a machine that makes more cups daily than their site requires. The reason for this is two-fold: if your site requires 30 cups per day, and you have a machine that can do up to 30 cups per day, then you will be pushing the machine to its limit day in and day out. A machine that can do up to 50 cups per day will cope comfortably with this output, saving you money in years to come when considering the need for possible services on a machine under strain. Secondly, most bean-to-cup machines should last you more than seven years of use, so if you think your business may expand in the future, purchasing a machine that’s slightly bigger than you need may save you from buying an additional machine.

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Fresh Milk vs Powdered Milk

Once you know how many cups per day your site requires, the next question is what type of bean-to-cup machine works best for you. There are three options: black coffee only, powdered milk, and fresh milk machines.

Fresh Milk Bean-to-Cup Machines

Fresh milk bean-to-cup machines are renowned for producing high-quality, café-style coffee beverages.

Fresh milk adds a luxurious creaminess and flavour profile to each cup, elevating the coffee experience for patrons and employees. From silky lattes to frothy cappuccinos, fresh milk machines offer a broad spectrum of speciality coffee options to cater to diverse preferences.

Additionally, fresh milk machines often boast advanced features such as customisable milk frothing settings, which allow for the creation of personalised beverages. That being said, it is essential to consider the maintenance demands associated with fresh milk machines. Regular cleaning and upkeep are necessary to uphold optimal performance and hygiene standards.

If quality is essential, and you have the time and patience to care for your machine correctly, we argue a fresh milk machine is the way to go.

Top Recommendation: Franke A600 - 170 cups per day, fresh milk, water tank model.

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Powdered Milk Bean-to-Cup Machines

Powdered milk bean-to-cup machines offer a convenient and cost-effective solution for businesses seeking streamlined coffee service operations.

These machines utilise powdered milk, such as cappuccino topping or granulated milk, eliminating the need for refrigeration and simplifying maintenance requirements. Powdered milk machines excel in high-volume environments where efficiency is paramount, offering a hassle-free coffee solution.

One of the primary advantages of powdered milk machines is their low maintenance requirements. Unlike fresh milk machines, powdered milk machines do not necessitate frequent cleaning of milk lines or refrigeration units, saving time and resources. Moreover, powdered milk machines often save customers money in the long run as they are less likely to have issues with milk systems clogging up and, therefore, requiring engineer call-outs.

However, it's essential to acknowledge that powdered milk machines may not deliver the same quality level of taste and richness as fresh milk machines. While technological advancements have improved the quality of powdered milk beverages, they may still lack the depth and complexity of drinks made with fresh milk. Additionally, some discerning customers or employees may prefer the authenticity of fresh milk coffee beverages.

Top Recommendation: Coffetek X1 Espresso - 150 cups per day, powdered milk, plumbed model

Black Coffee Only Machines

If you are wondering what a black coffee-only machine is, it’s a coffee machine that makes only black coffee. No milk. No cappuccino, no latte, no flat white… You get the picture.

There is a real advantage to having a black coffee-only machine, though. Firstly, daily maintenance is essentially zero. The only required maintenance program for black coffee machines is descaling the unit every few months.

Secondly, your business will save money not only on the upfront cost of the machine but also on possible callouts due to issues that may arise in years to come. Fresh and powdered milk machines generally need an annual service, yet black coffee machines may never require a single callout.

Black coffee machines don’t exclude employees who drink other milk types (such as soya, oat milk, etc.). For example, you could purchase a black coffee machine and have a separate fridge with various milk types; this way, no one feels left out.

That being said, you can still do this with a fresh or powdered milk bean-to-cup machine. Your soya milk-loving employee can still make a black americano on a fresh milk machine without contamination and then use their milk preference themselves. The question, therefore, is, which option works best for your site?

Top Recommendation: Jura JX6 Dark Inox - 80 cups per day, black coffee only, water tank model

Understanding Water Source Options

Now that you understand your daily cup requirements and machine preference, we should have narrowed your options considerably. There are only two more questions before pinning down the best bean-to-cup for your business's needs, and next up is the water source.

Plumbed coffee machines are connected to the water mains, ensuring a continuous water supply without manual refilling. These machines are ideal for high-volume environments where uninterrupted operation is crucial. We generally advise that if your site requires 90+ cups daily, a plumbed machine will benefit your site well. That’s not to rule out water tank models entirely, though, especially if your sink is sat next to your coffee machine.

Top Recommendation: Bravilor Sego 11L - 60 cups per day, fresh milk, plumbed model

Water tank machines require manual filling, making them suitable for locations where access to a water mains connection is limited or impractical, such as mobile setups or temporary pop-up events. If your site requires less than 80 cups per day, a water tank model will save you money, as you won’t necessarily need an engineer to install the unit. Most bean-to-cup machines have generously sized tanks, too, so if you are doing 40 cups per day on a machine with a 5-litre water tank, you won’t need to fill up the unit often.

Top Recommendation: Jura GIGA X8 - 200 cups per day, fresh milk, water tank model

Consider your budget and choose your model.

You should now be able to answer the following:

a.    How many cups per day do you require?

b.    What type of machine do you desire?

c.    And finally, your water source supplier.

When contemplating your coffee machine purchase, it's essential to factor in your budget beforehand. Knowing your financial boundaries can help narrow down the options effectively. While we won't delve into the intricacies of financial advisement here, it's evident that investing in a coffee machine can yield numerous advantages. From enhancing workforce productivity to expediting drink preparation times and boosting employee morale, the benefits are palpable.

We regularly check our machine package pricing to ensure we offer the best prices online.  Opting for a supplier like Jurang, which extends trade accounts to commercial clients, can save costs through wholesale pricing. If acquiring a machine outright isn't feasible, we provide budget-friendly leasing alternatives, ensuring flexibility to suit your needs.

Leasing Options: We offer cheap, flexible leasing options in addition to purchasing coffee machines outright. Leasing offers several advantages, including predictable monthly expenses, access to the latest equipment models, and potential tax benefits. It allows businesses to conserve capital for other operational needs while enjoying the benefits of premium coffee machines. Moreover, leasing agreements often include maintenance and servicing provisions, ensuring that your coffee machines remain in optimal condition throughout the lease term.

Making an Informed Decision

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