Business as usual...almost!

Business as usual...almost! title image

A typical day at Jurang goes like this…

We arrive at the office around 9 am, and without fail the first thing we do is put on some coffee. Pete (director) generally takes up this task as he is just better at it than me (Becci - Communications) and Ben (Sales).

We check in with each other- this usually starts by Pete and Ben exchanging notes on their 'Hello Fresh' dinners from the night before and then we move on to chat about the day ahead, review the orders we need to process and discuss any project work we have going on. We have big plans for Jurang, such as updates on Jurang coffee, our website and developing an exciting social action plan. We pray together, make a loose promise that today will be the day we actually do some tidying, then get on with our work.

We are the Happy Coffee People, and we work hard to keep our culture fun and professional. Of course, there are a few tense points in a typical day, yet we make sure to meet regularly and have a laugh. Our fun culture involves team games such as hide the banana (a classic), or we listen to some good music - Stevie Wonder anyone?

We love working at Jurang and this is made even easier as we are all genuine pals. Pete and Ben have known each other since they were kids. Whereas Pete and I (along with our spouses) have been good friends for the past 6 years, plus we are neighbours and can wave to each other through our kitchen windows. As a team, we recognise we are really fortunate, whilst also working hard to do the best by each other.

Today, like in most workplaces, things look a little bit different.

I'm working from home because the school and nursery are now closed. But despite this (and the constant interuptions from my children...) we've all been working extremely hard to look at new ways to keep Jurang alive during this challenging time. It's a difficult time for any business currently, yet we will do whatever it takes to keep going.

For the past ten years, Jurang has sold Fairtrade Coffee, tea and machines to various businesses, churches, and charities. Since Pete took over Jurang in 2019, he has been looking at how to develop Jurang, particularly our fantastic Fairtrade coffee. When Ben joined a few months later, they realised Fairtrade tea & coffee could be in every UK home as favourite drink too!

So here we are, navigating through these unusual circumstances, not completely sure what the future holds yet realising that households still need tea and coffee essentials. So, at Jurang, we have made it our mission to meet your tea and coffee needs with our favourite Fairtrade brands!

Please do have a browse on our online shop and feel free to get in touch with us - we would love to hear from you!

Love from,

The Happy Coffee People.



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