Why Choose Fairtrade?

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Why Choose Fairtrade?

At Jurang we believe Fairtrade is a choice.

A choice that is so important to us, that if the cup of coffee in our hand is not Fairtrade, then the only option is to hand it back.

This might sound like too strong a principle to live by, but with so many Fairtrade products available, why is it the case this ethical approach is so often set aside?

Some people may want to save a few pence with a cheaper coffee alternative. Some may have a favourite brand of coffee and have no intentions of trying something new. For many of us, the likely reason is due to a lack of understanding of what Fairtrade is and does.

A Global Problem

Farming provides livelihoods for 3 billion people; people like you and me. Yet farming is often taken up by the poor, and for the majority of these people, such jobs keep them in a cycle of poverty that impacts entire households, even children and the elderly. The reason for this is because it can take everyone in the family working endless hours in difficult conditions to earn just enough money to put food on the table.

If the coffee that you buy is not Fairtrade, then the likely situation for the farmers who pick the beans is that their family is struggling to cover essentials such as food and clothing. On top of this, not everyone in the home is able to work, therefore farming families are often going hungry.

The reason for this is simple, farmers are not paid a fair price. The western world has exploited coffee farmers for financial gain for years, and we believe this should be stopped.

Fairtrade Ends Injustice

Decent Living Wage

Fairtrade is all about sharing trade equally, as it ensures a certification scheme where a minimum safety net price is paid to farmers, resulting in long-term financial stability. A fair price means not only can farmers earn a decent living wage to buy essentials such as food, but also provides them with the ability to escape poverty by investing in their future.

Stops Child Labour

If you buy non-Fairtrade coffee, then there is a good chance the beans were picked by children. This can be quite hard-hitting, as these children should be in education and planning for their future. Yet as pay is so low for farming households, children can often be forced to work. Fairtrade Standard prohibits child labour and guarantees that if child labour is detected then everything is done to not just stop this but seeks to protect the impacted families.

Eco-Friendly Approach

Fairtrade is about defeating injustice and poverty, yet it goes above and beyond this by seeking to care for the environment with their high standards on pesticides, soil erosion, water conservation, biodiversity, reducing carbon footprint and more.

Improved National Policies

If you buy Fairtrade coffee, then you can rest assure that farmers will have a better future. Fairtrade invests in local communities, resulting in further positive economic change. Fairtrade empowers the poor to challenge the injustice that has so often plagued them by giving such farmers a voice on fairer national policies.

Choose Fairtrade Today

Fairtrade has set countless lives free from poverty that otherwise would still be struggling to put food on the table. It has provided children with a brighter future, helping them get off the field and into school. Fairtrade empowers people, giving the poor a voice in fighting for justice.

All of the coffee and related products that you find on Jurang have been carefully selected to ensure this ethical approach is met.

People matter, that's why Jurang only sources from Fairtrade producers.

We are Happy Coffee People.


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