Why we love Cafedirect.

Why we love Cafedirect. title image

Jurang has been a distributor for the fantastic range of Fairtrade coffee, tea, and hot chocolate by Cafedirect for 10+ years. We, therefore, thought it might be a good idea to tell you why we love them so much.

Who are Cafedirect?

Cafedirect are a coffee company that seeks to make a difference in the world through their ongoing impact with Producers Direct, Fairtrade and Organic purchasing.

Producers Direct

Producers Direct is an award-winning charity that is owned by smallholder farmers throughout the world.

Cafedirect invests a whopping 50% of their profit into Producers Direct. This means they can partner directly with coffee farmers to ensure ongoing improvements of coffee crops continue, as can the quality of livelihoods for farming families that otherwise could be struggling to make ends meet.


Every product by Cafedirect is 100% Fairtrade, which ensures farmers are paid a fair price for their hard work, plus a premium on top of this to help family’s flourish.

This means the production of coffee continues to improve, as can the surrounding farming community by investing in their future. Cafedirect has contributed over £15 million in Fairtrade premiums… Do we need to say anything more?


Over 50% of Cafedirect coffee is organic and certified by the Soil Association, and their range in relation to this is only increasing.

This means that Cafedirect coffee has a minimal environmental impact, a much-needed step in eco-friendly advancement (it also ensures their coffee flavours develop as naturally as can be)!


Ridiculously Good Coffee

Cafedirect goes the extra mile when it comes to ethical eco-friendly coffee that seeks to make a positive impact in the world.


The above surely provides more than enough reasons to love Cafedirect for all they do, yet most people don't know the in's and out's of their ethical mission and simply love Cafedirect for their ridiculously good coffee that tastes so great.

From their new small-batch London Fields range to their award-winning Single Origin blends such as Machu Picchu coffee that you can now find in most supermarkets. Cafedirect have a fantastic range of Fairtrade coffee, tea, and hot chocolate to explore and enjoy.

Jurang Trade Account

Jurang has been a direct supplier for Cafedirect for over 10 years, and we are happy to offer Jurang trade accounts to UK businesses looking to receive fantastic discounts on bulk orders.

Whatever your situation, we would love to save you money on our top-quality Fairtrade products, that is why we are excited to offer:

   - 15% off your first order

   - 10% off your second order

   - 5% off your third order

All you need to do is set up a Jurang trade account.

What is a trade account?

We aim to tailor trade accounts to meet your needs, but in short, a trade account offers:

    1. 30-day credit terms on orders to help customers with cash-flow (payments can of course be made straight away)

    2. An easier and faster ordering process (skip the checkout when ordering on our website, or simply order by email/phone).

    3. Access to our Jurang Wholesale Prices for great discounts when ordering in bulk (all with free next working day delivery).

Contact us today at orders@jurang.co.uk or call us on 0800 993 0831 to set up your Jurang trade account.


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