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The K-Fee Coffee Capsule system brings choice, ease-of-use, reliability and excellent coffee to your home, office, hotel, bed and breakfast, car dealership, petrol station forecourt and many other places. With a wide variety of machines -one suited for every budget and to every requirement- there is a K-Fee coffee pod machine for everyone.

Unlike other pod or capsule systems, KFee capsules come in a wide variety with coffee varieties from all over the world. Do you prefer single origin coffee from Ethiopia in the morning, but would really like a strong espresso after your evening meal? No problem. The wide range of K-Fee Mr & Mrs Mill coffee capsules give you choice and exciting new flavours. Prefer a cup of tea? Or a smooth hot chocolate? No problem, there is a capsule for that too. And dependent on the type of machine you choose, you can even start making your own perfectly frothed cappuccinos and smooth lattes.

Larger commercial systems can be fitted with the latest milk foam technology from Switzerland, giving you the full range of coffee shop specialities using fresh milk - and all still just at the touch of a button.



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