Coffee Machine Packages, Your Way

At Jurang we believe in more. That means that the coffee and drinks we supply must be certified Fairtrade because we believe that the people working hard to give us the best-tasting coffee should be rewarded and be able to sustain a fruitful life.

It also means that we believe that the best coffee should be tasted through the best machines. We handpick what products we sell, with over 10 years of experience in the industry we are confident that any coffee machine you purchase from Jurang will not disappoint. Whether it is fresh from the bean, brewed through a filter or perfected through an espresso machine, we guarantee that you will get the most from the coffee you love.


Our values don’t only apply to what we supply, they apply heavily to you as our valued customer. That is why we ensure that we can always fine-tune the perfect package just for you. From colour options of the machine to the intensity of the bean, we are here to help, advise and guide you through the journey. That is why we offer tailor-made packages on Coffee machines that suit you!


If you see a machine you are interested in purchasing but perhaps want to swap and change some of the included items, add some different products to it or you may want advice on what coffee to buy with the machine. We are here to help.

To discuss the purchase of your machine in detail with our friendly and experienced team you can get in touch by:

Phone: 0800 993 0831


Chat: Look for the bubble (mobile) or 'Ask us a Question' tab (desktop)

We will respond quickly and be on hand to make sure that from the point you purchase to the point you make your first coffee everything you need is catered for.

If you are ready to find the perfect machine then jump right in! Simply choose between Home or Professional to get started.