Terms of Sale for Coffee Machine Orders

### 1.0 Terms of Sale for Coffee Machine Orders

**1.1** Jurang Wholesale Limited, herein referred to as "the Supplier," provides commercial equipment and ancillary services to commercial entities, thereby ensuring that all sales transactions are governed under a business-to-business contractual framework.

**1.2** By engaging in the purchase of a coffee machine from Jurang Wholesale Limited, the Buyer unequivocally acknowledges and consents to the comprehensive terms of sale as articulated in this document.

**1.3** Except where it is explicitly stated to the contrary, any and all warranties provided are those issued by the respective manufacturer and are valid through Jurang Wholesale Limited acting in the capacity of an Authorised UK Dealer for all brands enumerated on our website.

**1.4** All warranties associated with the equipment are managed, administered, and controlled by the manufacturer of the purchased machine unless explicitly stated otherwise within the warranty documentation.

**1.5** Consequently, Jurang Wholesale Limited is under no obligation to offer refunds or accept returns, even if items remain unused, as decisions regarding such warranty claims fall within the purview of the manufacturer.

### 2.0 Coffee Machine Returns

**2.1** In instances where a machine is incorrectly ordered by the customer, or if the customer wishes to return or cancel goods, a restocking or cancellation fee consistent with industry standards will be imposed. The customer bears full responsibility for the cost of return carriage in such circumstances.

**2.2** Returns are permissible solely on the condition that the goods remain unopened and unused and are returned in their original packaging.

**2.3** Jurang Wholesale Limited reserves the right to levy a minimum fee of 5% of the original order value to cover card handling and administrative costs. This fee may escalate up to 25% of the order value, contingent on the order status, the condition of the goods, and any restocking fees that may be imposed by the manufacturer.

**2.4** Notification of returns or damages must be communicated within 24 hours of delivery. Only items that are signed for as damaged will be eligible for return. Therefore, it is imperative that all deliveries are thoroughly inspected prior to signing to ensure product satisfaction and to avoid any potential disputes.

### 3.0 Coffee Machine Cancellations

**3.1** Jurang Wholesale Limited reserves the unequivocal right to cancel any order prior to dispatch for any reason deemed appropriate. In such instances, the customer will be notified forthwith and an explanation will be provided upon request.

**3.2** Jurang Wholesale Limited reserves the right to suspend or terminate the performance of this Agreement in situations where delivery, supply of goods, or performance of this Agreement is impeded by circumstances beyond Jurang Wholesale Limited's reasonable control, including but not limited to force majeure events, acts of God, adverse weather conditions, or government intervention.

### 4.0 Coffee Machine Delivery & Installation

**4.1** Jurang Wholesale Limited assumes no liability for any costs, damages, or loss of earnings resulting from equipment being supplied in a faulty or damaged state, or due to delayed or failed deliveries.

**4.2** It is the customer's responsibility to remain apprised of all current legislation pertaining to the application and installation of coffee-making equipment. Jurang Wholesale Limited is not liable for any issues or costs arising from non-compliance with such legislation.

### 5.0 Coffee Machine Warranty Claims

**5.1** Warranties are exclusively applicable within the territorial bounds of the United Kingdom.

**5.2** For comprehensive details on what is covered under a specific warranty, please refer to the manufacturer's Warranty Terms & Conditions.

**5.3** Customers encountering faults or issues should first consult the user manuals provided for initial troubleshooting steps.

**5.4** Should troubleshooting prove unsuccessful, customers are advised to email the Jurang Support Team at support@jurang.co.uk or call 01172 640 126 during office hours (9:00-17:00, Monday to Thursday, and 9:00-15:00 on Friday, excluding bank holidays).

**5.5** Our operators may propose additional troubleshooting steps via telephone or email after consulting with the relevant service team. We strive to resolve issues promptly and will communicate resolutions via telephone or email. If deemed necessary, an engineer will be assigned to provide further assistance.

**5.6** The assigned engineer may try to troubleshoot the issue telephonically. If this approach fails, subsequent steps will be communicated based on whether the fault falls under the warranty terms.

**5.7** Notable exclusions to the warranty include, but are not limited to, improper installation by the customer, customer-caused damage, misuse, or lack of maintenance.

### 6.0 Parts Only Warranty

**6.1** A Parts Only Warranty permits the customer to engage a qualified engineer, at their own expense, to diagnose the problem.

**6.2** The engineer’s diagnostic report must be forwarded to Jurang Wholesale Limited, where it will be evaluated by the product manufacturer. Upon approval, the necessary parts will be dispatched to the customer.

**6.3** Customers may opt to hire one of our engineers on a call-out and hourly rate basis by contacting us at 01172 640 126.

### 7.0 Return to Base Warranty

**7.1** Under a Return to Base Warranty, the customer is responsible for arranging the return of any faulty units to the manufacturer for repair by contacting us at 01172 640 126.

**7.2** The customer must ensure that all items are securely packaged. Neither Jurang Wholesale Limited nor the manufacturer shall be liable for any loss or damage caused by inadequately sealed packages during transit.

### 8.0 Parts and Labour Warranty

**8.1** A Parts and Labour Warranty covers the cost of parts and onsite labour required to rectify faults covered under the specific product warranty.

**8.12** The coffee machine warranty encompasses breakdowns and malfunctions of machines originally purchased from us, subject to the exceptions detailed below. Customers may contact Jurang Wholesale Limited for standard labour warranty claims for breakdowns not attributed to cleaning problems between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm Monday to Thursday, and 9:00 am to 3:00 pm on Friday. Warranty callout timescales are not guaranteed due to variables such as traffic, weather conditions, and part availability. Failure to perform cleaning procedures as demonstrated during installation or outlined in the user manual may invalidate the warranty, resulting in charges for breakdowns attributed to such issues. The warranty does not extend to user-damaged parts. Jurang Wholesale Limited is not liable for consequential damages, including but not limited to loss of earnings, arising from equipment issues. The warranty ceases immediately if the machine is modified without Jurang’s consent, if the operator manual instructions are not adhered to, or if the machine is serviced or relocated by unauthorised personnel.

### 9.0 Issues/Items Not Covered by Warranty

- **Cleaning-related issues:** Charges apply for callouts resulting from inadequate cleaning or the non-use of recommended cleaning products.

- **Lime Scale:** Service calls due to scale-related faults are excluded.

- **Milk Frothing:** Issues caused by stale milk or blocked pipes are excluded from coverage.

- **Blocked Steamer:** Faults resulting from uncleaned outlet holes are not covered.

- **Blocked Groups:** Issues stemming from uncleaned groups are not covered.

- **Water Filters:** Scale-related faults occurring after the refusal of advisory water filters are excluded.

- **Training:** Additional training beyond the installation day is chargeable.

- **Service:** Annual servicing by our engineers is recommended and may be subject to additional charges.

- **Misuse/Breakages:** Service calls due to accidents, neglect, operator malpractice, or equipment relocation are excluded.

- **Coffee Volumes:** Adjustments to programming post-installation are chargeable.

- **Cleaning Products:** Failure to use Jurang-recommended cleaning products may invalidate the warranty.

- **Milk Coolers:** These are not covered under the coffee machine warranty; please contact us for further details.

### 10.0 Liability

Jurang Wholesale Limited is not liable for loss of profits, business interruptions, or sales issues arising directly, indirectly, or incidentally from defective or faulty equipment. Customers are advised to prepare for such eventualities, as Jurang Wholesale Limited cannot offer replacements to cover equipment loss.

By agreeing to these terms, the customer acknowledges that Jurang Wholesale Limited is not liable for any losses, including business interruption or loss of time, resulting from the failure to report faults or provide adequate access for repairs.

Nothing in this agreement excludes Jurang Wholesale Limited's statutory liability for injury or death.

Please retain these warranty instructions for future reference.