Terms of Sale for Coffee Machine Orders

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1.0 Terms of Sale for Coffee Machine Orders

1.1 Jurang supplies commercial equipment and services to commercial customers, and all sales are considered a business-to-business contract.

1.2 Purchasing a coffee machine from Jurang means you agree to the terms of sale set out in this document (also available to read on our website).

1.3 Unless otherwise stated, any warranty is the manufacturer’s warranty that is valid through Jurang as an Authorised UK Dealer for all the brands on our website.

1.4 All warranties provided with equipment are operated and controlled by the manufacturer of the purchased machine unless otherwise stated.

1.5 Jurang is, therefore, not obligated to offer refunds or accept returns even if items are unused, as the manufacturer makes decisions on any warranty claims.

1.6 If you have any questions concerning these terms and conditions, then please get in touch with us.

2.0 Coffee Machine Returns

2.1 Any machine incorrectly ordered by the customer or goods that a customer wishes to return/cancel will incur an industry-standard restocking/cancellation fee. In this instance, the customer is liable for the cost of the return carriage.

2.2 Goods can only be returned if unused and in the original packaging.

2.3 Jurang reserves the right to constitute a minimum of 5% of the original order value to cover card handling costs and all associated administration costs. However, this figure could be up to 25% of the order value, subject to the order status, the goods themselves, and any restocking fees charged to us by the manufacturer.

2.4 Notification of any goods that need to be returned or any damages must be reported within the first 24 hours after delivery. Only items signed for as damaged will be eligible for return. Please, therefore, check all deliveries thoroughly before signing for them to ensure all products are satisfactory before accepting delivery.

3.0 Coffee Machine Cancellations

3.1 Jurang reserves the right to cancel any order until the dispatch of goods for any reason we see fit; should this happen, we will contact you immediately and offer an explanation if desired.

3.2 Jurang reserves the right to suspend or terminate the performance of this Agreement where delivery or supply of the Goods and/or performance of this Agreement is affected by reasons out of Jurang’s reasonable control, such as force majeure, an act of God, adverse weather and government intervention, sanction, or legislation.

4.0 Coffee Machine Delivery & Installation

4.1 Jurang cannot be held responsible for any costs/damage or loss of earnings due to any equipment being supplied faulty/damaged/developing a fault or deliveries failing/being delayed.

4.2 It is the responsibility of the Customer to be aware of all current legislation regarding coffee-making equipment and its application/installation, Jurang cannot be held responsible for any issues/costs that arise from non-awareness.

5.0 Coffee Machine Warranty Claims

5.1 Please note that any warranty is only applicable to the UK.

5.2 If you are unsure what is covered and not covered by warranty for a particular machine, please refer to the manufacturer’s Warranty Terms & Conditions.

5.3 Should you (the customer) encounter any faults or issues with your product after you have purchased it, you should first access the user manuals provided to attempt troubleshooting.

5.4 If this cannot solve your issue, please call the Jurang Team on 01172 640 126 during office hours (9.00-17.00, Monday to Thursday & 9.00 – 15.00 on Friday, excluding bank holidays).

5.5 Our operators may only be able to suggest troubleshooting steps on the phone / by email after first contacting the service team. In this instance, we will find a resolution for you as soon as possible and pass on such a resolution by phone or email. If required, you may be assigned to an engineer or arrange for an engineer to call you back.

5.6 The engineer will attempt to troubleshoot the issue over the telephone. If this is unsuccessful, you will be informed of the next steps required, which will depend on whether the fault falls or may fall under the terms of your warranty and the type of warranty.

5.7 Examples of key exclusions include but are not limited to incorrect installation by the customer, damage caused to the machine by the customer, misuse of the machine by the customer, or lack of maintenance that leads to a breakdown or product failure.

6.0 Parts Only Warranty

6.1 A Parts Only Warranty allows you (the Customer) to source (at your own cost) a fully qualified engineer to perform diagnostic work on a problem.

6.2 This engineer report must be forwarded directly to Jurang, which is then assessed directly by the product manufacturer. Once approved, the parts required will be sent to you as required.

6.3 You may have the option to pay for one of our engineers to attend the site on a call-out and hourly rate basis; please get in touch with us at 01172 640 126 to discuss this option.

7.0 Return to Base Warranty

7.1 The Customer must arrange for any faulty unit(s) to be returned directly to the manufacturer for repair if items are covered under a return-to-base warranty.

7.2 The Customer must ensure that all items are packaged securely. Jurang (nor the manufacturer) is not liable for any loss or damage caused by any poorly sealed package during transit.

8.0 Parts and Labour Warranty

8.1 A Parts and Labour Warranty covers the cost of the part and onsite labour required to repair any fault covered by the specific product warranty.

9.0 Warranty Terms

  1. The coffee machine warranty covers breakdowns and malfunctions experienced with your machine originally purchased from us. Exceptions to this rule are outlined below.
  2. Customers can contact Jurang concerning standard labour warranty claims for breakdowns that have not occurred due to cleaning problems between 9.00 am – 5.00 pm Monday to Thursday, and 9.00 am – 3.00 pm on Friday.
  3. Timescales for warranty callouts, services, breakdowns etc., are not guaranteed due to factors that may be out of the engineer’s control, such as traffic problems, weather conditions, unavailable parts, etc.
  4. Failure to perform coffee machine cleaning procedures demonstrated during equipment installation and/or outlined in the welcome pack/manufacturer user manual may invalidate the warranty. 
  5. Subsequently, a charge may be incurred for any breakdowns attended by one of our engineers or associates due to cleaning problems.
  6. The machine warranty does not cover parts that the user has damaged.
  7. We are not liable for any claim arising from the condition or quality of the equipment, or any consequential damages, including loss of earnings or profits suffered by you if the equipment is or becomes unusable. For example, if your machine leaks, we are not liable for consequential damages (your insurance should cover this).
  8. Machine warranty shall cease immediately if: -
    1. The machine is modified in any way that has now been previously agreed with Jurang in writing.
    2. The instructions contained in the operators’ manual are not complied with.
    3. The machine is serviced, relocated, or maintained by anybody other than Jurang during the parts and labour warranty terms purchased with the machine.

10. Issues/items not covered by warranty

  1. Cleaning-related issues – any call out due to lack of cleaning of any part or non-use of recommended cleaning products
  2. Lime Scale – any calls due to breakdowns caused by scale-related faults.
  3. Milk Frothing – any calls related to “milk not frothing” caused by stale milk or blocked milk pipes.
  4. Blocked Steamer – any calls for “no-steam” caused by the outlet holes on the steamer not being cleaned.
  5. Blocked Groups – any calls for “no water/coffee coming through the group” caused by the groups not being cleaned.
  6. Water Filters – any calls due to scale-related faults after refusing advisory water filters on machines.
  7. Training – training on the use and daily maintenance of the equipment is given at the time of installation. Any calls for further training or training on a day other than installation will be fully chargeable.
  8. Service – we recommend that at least every 12 months, your machine is serviced by one of our engineers. This may be chargeable depending on the specific warranty/service package that comes with your machine.
  9. Misuse/Breakages – any calls made due to accident, neglect, operator malpractice, or any other calls for or because of equipment relocation.
  10. Coffee Volumes – any calls to alter the programming of coffee volumes after initial installation (including grinder settings).
  11. Cleaning Products – All cleaning products must be ordered from Jurang and used in conjunction with manufacturers’ guidelines. Failure to do so may invalidate your warranty.
  12. Milk Coolers - These are not covered under your coffee machine warranty but may have their warranty – if in doubt, contact us at 01172 640 126.

11. Liability

Jurang is not liable for any loss of profits, business interruption or sales issues that may occur directly, indirectly, or incidentally due to a defective or faulty commercial unit. It is the customer or business owner's responsibility to ensure that these eventualities are prepared for, as Jurang cannot offer any replacement to cover this loss of equipment.

You (the Customer) agree that we (Jurang) will not be liable for any losses – including loss of business, business interruption or loss of time – or damage suffered because of failure to report a fault or defect within good time or failure to provide adequate access to the Goods for repairs, service or engineer survey.

Nothing within this agreement shall exclude Jurang's statutory liability for injury or death.

Please keep these warranty instructions in a safe place once you have read the important information contained herein.

Jurang wishes you many years of satisfaction with your coffee machine, and if you ever need any help, simply contact us at support@jurang.co.uk or call 01172 640 126.