Jura Z6 and Z9 Comparison

Jura Z6 vs Z9
The Jura Z6 and Jura Z9 are both high-end bean to cup machines, with premium features on both machines, yet also some subtle differences. We are authorised UK Jura dealer, and we know both products well. With that in mind, let us help you see the main differences and make an informed buying choice!

Jura Z6 - P.E.P.©
Let's start off with the Jura Z6 and its revolutionary new extraction system: P.E.P.© - Pulse Extraction Process. This is a standard feature on the Z6 (in fact, it was the first Jura machine to have PEP), however, it is not a feature on the Z9 or an optional extra. PEP optimises the extraction of the coffee, using different short pulse patterns for different coffee specialities. This results in particularly shorter coffees such as ristretto and espresso, but also the cafe creme (black coffee) having a deeper and more intense aroma and flavour. PEP then, is particularly of interest if you drink a lot of these types of coffees.

Jura Z9 - 2 thermoblocks
Thermoblock technology is one of the key technologies on all Jura machines. Thermoblocks are fast heating elements, which heat the water for your coffee as well as providing the steam & heat for frothed milk. One of the unique features of the Jura Z9 is that it has 2 thermoblocks, whereas other domestic machines, including the Jura Z6 only have one. The Z9 therefore is slightly faster when it comes to producing milky beverages, because both the coffee system and the milk system each have their own dedicated thermoblock. This means that when the coffee is heated, there is no need for the thermoblcok to return to the ideal temperature for milk frothing as the 2nd thermoblock is ready to go immediately. This feature is particularly handy if you do a lot of milky coffees at the same time, for example when all your guests at a dinner party want a cappuccino.

Other, smaller, differences between the Jura Z6 and Jura Z9 are the water tank operation (to front on Z6, to side on Z9) and the type of Claris filters used by each machine. The Z6 features Jura SMART Claris filters, which simplify the use of the in-tank filter system, the Z9 uses the older Claris filters. The Z6 has a few different drinks options, notably a flat white and espresso machiatto and also features the latest G3 Aroma+ grinder. The Z6 is also more energy efficient.

** Update September 2016: the Z9 has now been discontinued in the UK **

The Jura Z6 is of course still available - check out our best price deal by clicking here!


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