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Perfect Moose Automatic Milk Steamer (Greg) gallery image #1
Perfect Moose Automatic Milk Steamer (Greg) gallery image #2
Perfect Moose Automatic Milk Steamer (Greg) gallery thumbnail #1
Perfect Moose Automatic Milk Steamer (Greg) gallery thumbnail #2

Perfect Moose Automatic Milk Steamer (Greg)


£3,311.99 (incVAT)

The Perfect Moose Greg (10956) is a professional automated milk steamer that pairs perfectly using RFID tech with the Smart Moose Pitchers.

Three models are available:


12-Month Warranty from Authorised UK Perfect Moose Dealer


Fast Free Delivery


Perfect Moose GREG – Automatic Milk Steamer

The Perfect Moose is a professional automated milk steamer that pairs perfectly using RFID tech with the Smart Moose Pitchers.

The Perfect Moose is all about making the life of the barista easier and better and can even detect the milk jug you are using so it knows automatically how to perfect the steaming of the milk type you are using.

Simply select the Smart Moose Milk Pitcher you require from the drop-down.

Perfect Moose Versions

The Perfect Moose automated steamers have taken the barista market by storm, and for good reason. They enable a completed automated foamer to make the life of the barista not just easier and faster but also ensure perfection with every steam.

There are three versions of the Perfect Moose:

  1. Greg – connects to your traditional machine (35, 50 or 75 cl pitchers)
  2. Epic Greg – same as the Greg, but for bigger milk jugs (50, 75 or 100 cl pitchers)
  3. Jack – a standalone unit (35, 50, or 75 cl pitchers)

To add a Smart Moose Pitcher to your Perfect Moose package, please select your desired pitcher from the drop-down menu above the add-to-cart menu.

Please note the pitchers come in either black, white, or green. We will contact you to ensure we send the correct colour to you.

Not sure? Need more pitchers or extras? Would like installation by an engineer? Simply call 0800 993 0831 for more information. We can help you to ensure you are purchasing the best products for your espresso machine setup.

Fast Free Delivery from Authorised UK Dealer with 12 Month Warranty

Perfect Moose Features

  • Smart Moose – Greg monitors the temperature accurately for each chosen liquid during the whole steaming cycle to ensure perfection.
  • Hands free display - ensures ease of use and zero errors.
  • Full steam wand manoeuvrability - automatically copies the movement of the barista for pre-set recipes.
  • Optimum hygiene - Maintenance couldn’t be easier with the automated steam flush system after each cycle.
  • Scale pitcher holder – calculates the measurements of milk and auto adjusts the steaming.
  • Smart Moose pitcher – there is no point using the Perfect Moose without the Smart Moose pitcher, as the RFID base on the bottom of the milk jug triggers the apparatus to steam instantly.

Perfect Moose Greg

How to use Perfect Moose Greg

Customers will notice the difference, and you can say goodbye to bad baristas (or maybe more kindly put, untrained baristas).

Steaming milk to perfection could not be easier -

  1. READY. Pour your milk of choice into the Smart Moose Pitcher
  2. SET. Place the pitcher onto the Perfect Moose foamer
  3. FOAM. Sit back and watch your recipe be actioned automatically
  4. ENJOY. All done; simply pour & spoil your customers

If you have ever tried to be a barista or steam milk, then you will realise it is not as simple as it looks. It can take years for baristas to master steaming perfection and latte art, yet now you can rely on the Perfect Moose to offer the barista an easy solution that requires almost zero training.

You no longer have to settle for poor milk foam made by bored baristas or newly trained staff (to put it plainly). The Perfect Moose will take your coffee shop, restaurant or similar environment to the next level when it comes to making your specialty coffee perfect.

Leasing the Perfect Moose Greg

A lease is a fantastic way to fund the purchase of a Perfect Moose, as this ensures there isn't a dent in your cash flow.

That's why leasing is such a popular and safe option, as spreading the cost provides many fantastic benefits and the best part is that once the agreement has ended - the machine is yours!

Jurang takes no profit for the leasing of a product by the customer, unlike some companies that earn a cut of the interest. We are an ethical company and this ethos does not only apply to the suppliers we choose but also to those with whom we associate. That is why we have taken the time to carefully select who we work with to provide our customers with the option of leasing and why we have chosen to work with Kennet Leasing.

Kennet Leasing Kennet Leasing has worked closely with Jurang for many years and has been providing businesses with equipment finance for over 28 years,  with access to over 25 banks and funders, along with reserves of £50 Million of their funds.

We have a direct relationship with the company which allows us to get you from the shopping cart to brewing coffee quickly on your new Perfect Moose Greg. We have extensive knowledge of the process, however, if there is anything that cannot be answered by our team, then the team at Kennet are on hand to provide accurate quotes and answer any of your leasing questions.

Simply email for any questions and we will be happy to help!

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