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Jurang Espresso Roast Ground Coffee (250g) gallery image #1

Jurang Espresso Roast Ground Coffee (250g)


£8.00 (exVAT)

Full-Bodied with Dark Chocolate and Nutty Notes


Our most developed blend of espresso roast ground coffee is perfect for speciality coffee, sourced from sustainable ethical sources, and validated through Direct Trade relationships with origin farms located in Brazil, Uganda & Vietnam.


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Jurang Espresso Roast Ground Coffee 250g

Sourced from sustainable ethical sources, validated through Direct Trade relationships with origin farms located in Brazil, Uganda & Vietnam (70% Arabica and 30% Robusta).

Welcome to a world where every sip is a celebration – introducing our Espresso Roast Blend, a joyous symphony of flavours that unites the zest of 70% Arabica and the welcome kick of 30% Robusta beans. In this enchanting blend, we've crafted not just a coffee but a vibrant experience that promises to infuse your coffee moments with happiness and espresso warmth.

Full-Bodied with Dark Chocolate and Nutty Notes.

Freshly Roasted Coffee

We roast every 6-8 weeks for our stock intake, meaning our ground coffee is as fresh as can be.

Fast Free Delivery - use code 'FREEDELIV' in the cart.

Coffee Farm

Happy Coffee Beans

Great coffee should be great for everyone.

Sourced ethically via our Direct Trade relationships with origins farms, we are confident this coffee will transform your daily ritual into a celebration of happiness, one sip at a time.

That's why we've made it our mission to craft exceptional coffee that values everyone it touches, from the skilled farmers who cultivate our beans to the dedicated roasters who bring out their unique flavours, and finally to the coffee enthusiasts who savour each sip.

What's more, we are committed to building a better world, with a portion of our proceeds going straight back to meet the needs of the local communities where we source our coffee.

Experience the Taste

Our espresso roast coffee is full-bodied with dark chocolate and nutty notes.

Depending on the season, you may encounter notes of almond and pistachio.

Picture the scene: Arabica beans, renowned for their delightful nuances, join forces with the bold Robusta to create a blend that's a carnival of flavours. This is not just coffee; it's a celebration in a cup. The result is a velvety crema that crowns each shot, a visual promise of the joy that awaits your taste buds. As you take your first sip, indulge in the dance of cocoa notes, nutty undertones, and a hint of smokiness.

Our Espresso Roast coffee has been delicately roasted and developed to ensure our beans are not oily. We have then grinded the beans to perfection, suitable for V60, Chemex, Filter Machines and Cafetiere.

Ground Coffee Freedom

The full body ensures a satisfying richness that wraps around you like a cosy blanket, whether you're sipping it solo or crafting your favourite espresso-based concoctions for customers. Each cup is a celebration, turning your everyday coffee routine into a source of joy.

Indulge in the cheerful elegance of our Espresso Roast Blend – where 70% Arabica and 30% Robusta collaborate to create a coffee that not only wakes you up but also fills your cup with a touch of happiness.

Each 100% recyclable bag contains 250g of our Espresso Roast Ground Coffee

Going beyond Fairtrade

Moving to Direct Trade has enabled Jurang to pay farmers a premium that goes beyond Fairtrade base rates.

Direct Trade enables suppliers to cut out the middlemen by working directly with farmers. This means we can give more money back to the farmers whilst still offering great prices for our customers. The charge to become Fairtrade certified for many producers is so high that this often results in unnecessarily increased costs for the coffee to roasters and ultimately consumers, as someone within the chain must swallow the fee. Direct Trade erases this fee, resulting in better prices for consumers, yet still offering the same premiums, if not more of the cut, straight back to the farmers.

For this reason, producers are increasingly moving beyond Fairtrade to establish Direct Trade relationships with origin farms. It is therefore now widely accepted that Direct Trade results in better quality coffee due to the improved farmer interaction. The amount Fairtrade premiums pay to farmers often does not change depending on the quality of the crop. We believe farmers should be rewarded for their hard work.

We've concluded that Direct Trade is better for farmers, producers, and customers and are proud to state all of our Happy Coffee Beans are sourced ethically via Direct Trade relationships with origin farms worldwide.

We believe in a vision where the bottom line is people, not profit.

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