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We are an official UK Dealer for the Dutch company Bravilor Bonamat, enabling us to sell commercial Bravilor coffee making equipment across the UK and Ireland.

Dealing with an official dealer like Jurang is important when you are buying a commercial coffee machine for a number of reasons.


You will find many websites offering Bravilor equipment at extremely low prices. Buying at a very low price carries a number of risks. In addition to the danger of becoming a victim of switch selling, it is important that you have access to proper after sales service; not just now, but more importanly in a few years time when you need it. That's why you should always check you are dealing with a company like ourselves that is trusted and recommended by Bravilor Bonamat UK. Phone them now on 01628 776 060 to request more information and get peace of mind.


Benefits of using an official dealer like Jurang Wholesale:

- We're a real company, holding our own stock which we sell at honest prices

- Genuine Bravilor Bonamat products with a full and valid commercial warranty

- Honest and informed advice on choosing a machine

- Access to Bravilor accessories and spare parts

- After-sales service and use of Bravilor's support network


What is switch selling?

Switch selling is advertising a reputable product without being able to actually sell that product. Instead companies that switch sell will make up various excuses as to why they can't deliver the product they advertise and offer you another product instead. Often the alternative product is a inferior quality product which won't give you the performance you could expect from the reputable brand you were initially interested in. The reason these companies switch sell is because they can make a lot of money on these inferior products.


How to prevent being a victim of switch selling

When people are looking for bargain prices, they leave themselves open to becoming a switch selling victim. Therefore it is important to equate quality equipment with a quality price.


Low price, low quality?

A very low price will likely not give you what you actually need. Quality equipment such as Bravilor Bonamat coffee machines needs to be of a certain price to ensure that quality is maintained. Not just with regards to the quality of the technical parts, but also with regards to the quality of the person/business that is selling the machines. Ultimately when you buy a commercial coffee machine, you buy a whole lot more.


More than a machine

In a few years time you want to make sure the company that sold you the machine can offer you advice or a service or perhaps replacement parts to prolong the life of your equipment. If you buy your machine at a bargain price from someone who sells machines from his garage for a few extra quid in his pocket, you need to be prepared to find that business won't be there when you need it at a later stage.


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