The Jura C5 vs C9 - which Jura machine is best for you?

Jura C9 Piano BlackThe Jura C5 and the Jura C9 are both good examples of Jura's quality engineering. Both machines allow you to experience high quality espresso beverages at home. Featuring a 15 bar pressure extraction system, Jura bean to cup machines are able to produce real shots of espresso at the simple touch of a button. But with a number of different models, the question is which Jura machine to choose? This short introduction should help you understand some differences. Do you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Jura C5 vs Jura C9

Jura C5 BlackCustomers often ask about the difference between the Jura C5 and the Jura C9. The main difference is that the Jura C9 can make a cappuccino in one single operation, whereas with the C5 you can make a cappuccino but you will have to move the cup. That is: with the C5 you will first produce as much milk foam as you want using the Easy Cappuccino Frother. Then you will move the cup to the centre dispensing position and add a shot of espresso (or as many as you want). With the Jura C9 this is all done for you and you can pre-program the amount of coffee and milk. For some people the fully automated process on the Jura C9 is great, however, other people prefer to keep total control and opt for the C5.

Other differences:

1. The Jura C5 uses symbols only in its operation; the C9 uses a text display
2. On the Jura C9 you can program 2 levels of water temperature; this is not available on the Jura C5
3. The Jura C9 allows you to permanently program the strength of your coffee (3 levels); the C5 also has 3 levels of coffee strength, but the strength cannot be permanently programmed and instead can be altered each time you make a drink.
4. The Jura C5 and Jura C9 both have the 'Zero-Energy Switch', however, the C9 also features the Jura E.S.M. (Energy Save Mode).

Do you have any more questions? Please give us a ring on 0800 993 0831 (or 01457 833672 for mobiles) and we'll be happy to help. Alternatively you can browse the product pages of both machines:
- See the Jura C5 Black product page
- See the Jura C9 Piano Black product page


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