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La Cimbali S-Lite 8Ltr Bean to Cup gallery thumbnail #1
La Cimbali S-Lite 8Ltr Bean to Cup gallery thumbnail #2
La Cimbali S-Lite 8Ltr Bean to Cup gallery thumbnail #3

La Cimbali S-Lite 8Ltr Bean to Cup


£3,798.00 (incVAT)

Lease from £109.89 per month

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Enter La Cimbali's latest innovation: the compact powerhouse known as the S-Lite 8ltr Bean to Cup. Crafted with precision and practicality in mind, the S-Lite is a testament to compact brilliance.


12-Month On-Site Warranty from Authorised UK Dealer for 10+ Years.


Contact or 01172 640 126 for a bespoke quote today.


Package details are in the description below.

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La Cimbali S-Lite 8Ltr Bean to Cup

In the dynamic realm of small enterprises, efficiency reigns supreme.

Enter La Cimbali's latest innovation: the compact powerhouse known as the S-Lite.

Crafted with precision and practicality in mind, the S-Lite is a testament to compact brilliance. It caters to those who demand efficiency without sacrificing the essence of a perfect cup of specialty coffee. Ideal for the discerning entrepreneur seeking swift operation, user-friendly functionality, and effortless upkeep, the S-Lite promises an unparalleled coffee experience.

Looking for the 2Ltr Version? Click Here.

La Cimbali S-Lite Packages

Select your package in the drop-down or call 0800 993 0831 or email to receive your bespoke quote today.

The Machine Package includes:
  • 12 Months On-Site Parts & Labour Warranty
  • La Cimbali Welcome Pack (Cleaning Materials)
  • La Cimbali Water Brita AquaRoma Crema Filter
  • Fast Free Delivery
Our Complete Package includes:
  • 12 Months On-Site Parts & Labour Warranty
  • La Cimbali S-Lite 4.2L Milk Fridge (BR9)
  • La Cimbali Welcome Pack (Cleaning Materials)
  • La Cimbali Water Brita AquaRoma Crema Filter
  • Selection Pack of Speciality Espresso Beans (4x1kg)
  • Fairtrade Hot Chocolate Sachets (x100)
  • Fairtrade Sugar Sticks (x1000) & Lotus Biscuits (x300)
  • Fast Free Delivery
  • 20% Off Next Order for Coffee & Cleaning Materials
Looking to build your own package?

Contact or 01172 640 126 for a bespoke quote today.

Happy Coffee People

12 Months On-Site Parts & Labour Warranty from Jurang, an Authorised UK Dealer for 10+ Years.

Need extras? Payment Module? Extended Warranty?

Simply call us on 0800 993 0831 or email for more information.

Introducing the LaCimbali S-Lite 8Ltr

A fresh take on a compact design that effortlessly integrates into any environment. Despite its diminutive dimensions, it exudes the unmistakable essence of LaCimbali, seamlessly aligning with the esteemed S-Line family.

What sets the S-Lite apart is its customizable LED display, casting a stylish aura that mirrors the mood of any space. Thanks to its ingeniously integrated hopper, this marvel of engineering snugly fits into any room, embodying the perfect fusion of form and function.

With a nod to tradition and a flair for modernity, the S-Lite merges the timeless LaCimbali aesthetic with a sleek, compact silhouette. It's a testament to the adage that greatness knows no size limitations — indeed, the S-Lite proves that remarkable things come in the smallest of packages.

Cimbali S-Lite

Why choose Jurang?

Buying a coffee machine for your business is a big deal.

There are countless options to choose from and it's easy to get confused. That's why at Jurang we are passionate about providing the best machine package for your needs.

10 reasons:

  1. 5-star rated service on Google and Ekomi
  2. 10+ years of experience in selling professional machines
  3. 100% ethical and eco-friendly approach
  4. Best price guarantee for outright purchase
  5. Flexible lease options with easy application process
  6. UK nationwide installation with Jura-trained engineers
  7. Machine service plans available
  8. Trade accounts for limited companies looking to make purchasing easier and cheaper
  9. Complete package available with free extras and ongoing discounts
  10. Top UK Commercial Coffee Machine Dealer since 2010

As seamless as it is satisfying

Where innovation meets simplicity with a 10.1” touchscreen display that sets a new standard for user-friendly design.

Seamlessly blending ease of use with efficiency, it ensures that every brew, whether for yourself or your clientele, is an intuitive delight.

With its expansive display, essential information is always at your fingertips, empowering even novices to craft the perfect cup of coffee with ease. But the S-Lite doesn't just stop there — its flexible user interface lets you personalize every aspect to reflect your unique identity and business ethos.

From custom logos to bespoke loading screens, this machine is more than a tool; it's a canvas for your creativity. Designed to evolve alongside your needs, the S-Lite promises a coffee-making experience that's as seamless as it is satisfying.

S-Lite Machine Options

Versatility reigns supreme with S-Lite, offering two tailored versions to suit your precise requirements.

Opt for the 2-litre water tank version for more compact operations or upgrade to the 8-litre version for bustling environments.

Looking for the 2Ltr Version? Click Here.

This ensures seamless service to your customers, regardless of your business's scale. Whether you're running a cozy office or a vibrant restaurant, S-Lite's water tank options deliver the convenience necessary to keep your operations running like clockwork.

Need a continuous water flow? S-Lite has you covered with its water supply connection kit, ensuring uninterrupted refills for uninterrupted service.

Simply call us on 0800 993 0831 or email for more information.


Elevate your coffee experience with the freedom and customization offered by Cup4You, revolutionizing how you manage your S-Lite and streamline orders.

Say goodbye to the limitations of a unified Wi-Fi network as Cup4You empowers you to effortlessly control multiple machines remotely, unlocking a realm of convenience and enhancing customer loyalty.

But Cup4You isn't just about remote management — it's about enhancing your coffee ecosystem. With features like user management, you can assign specific access levels to staff and guests, ensuring seamless operations. The credit tab feature adds another layer of flexibility, allowing you to allocate credits to users for free usage during defined periods or specific numbers of uses.

And that's not all – Cup4You's API package opens doors to develop autonomous digital solutions that seamlessly communicate with LaCimbali machines, offering endless possibilities for customization and innovation. Embrace the future of coffee management with Cup4You and unlock a world of possibilities.

Office Space

Advanced Technology

S-Lite 8 Litre machine comes fully equipped with integrated Wi-Fi and USB capabilities, adding a layer of convenience and connectivity to your coffee experience.

With its "always online" feature, S-Lite ensures that your coffee-making journey is as smooth as the brew it delivers. Whether you're updating software or downloading the latest coffee recipes, the integrated Wi-Fi and USB functionalities make it a breeze.

At LaCimbali, our mission is to create cutting-edge machines that are as user-friendly as they are innovative. That's why we've developed intuitive apps to enhance your coffee journey.

Take Cup4You, for instance – it empowers you to effortlessly manage multiple machines remotely, putting control at your fingertips for a seamless experience every time.

Effortless Cleaning

Incorporating the same cutting-edge cleaning technology found in its larger counterparts within the S-line family, S-Lite ensures your coffee experience is always top-notch.

With the Automatic Washing System (AWS), you'll save time while guaranteeing your machine is primed to deliver perfection with every brew. It's all about simplifying your life, one worry-free step at a time.

With AWS, you can trust that your machine remains in optimal condition without the need for dedicated cleaning staff.

For an extra level of cleanliness, opt for LaCimbali's specially formulated cleaning products, meticulously crafted to care for your machine and elevate your coffee experience.


About La Cimbali

For over a century, La Cimbali has been at the forefront of coffee machine manufacturing, crafting exceptional traditional espresso machines and commercial bean-to-cup marvels since 1912.

Renowned for their unparalleled quality and innovation, La Cimbali's iconic machines like the m200 and the S60 consistently deliver some of the finest espresso experiences worldwide.

At Ringtons, we're thrilled to join forces with La Cimbali as proud partners, offering their complete range of traditional and bean-to-cup coffee machines.

With our passion for excellent coffee and dedication to customer satisfaction, we're here to guide you through our selection, ensuring you find the perfect commercial coffee machine to match your unique needs. Prepare to embark on a journey of unparalleled coffee excellence with La Cimbali and Ringtons by your side.


Dimensions in MM (w x d x h) - 420 x 512 x 535

Weight - 20.5kg

Power Supply - 220-240V /120V / 100V

Power - 2900W

Display -10.1 inch touchscreen

Up to 80 cups per day

750g Bean Hopper

Drink Selections -24

Drip Tray holds 1.7L Waste Water and 24 pieces of coffee grounds

1 Ceramic Grinder

Thermoblock Boiler

8Litre Water Tank

Looking for the 2Ltr Version? Click Here.

Happy Coffee Machu Peru Beans

Happy Coffee Beans

Great coffee should be great for everyone.

Sourced ethically via our direct trade relationships with origin farms, we are confident our coffee will transform your bean-to-cup daily ritual into a celebration of happiness, one sip at a time.

That's why we've made it our mission to craft exceptional coffee that values everyone it touches, from the skilled farmers who cultivate our beans to the dedicated roasters who bring out their unique flavours and finally to the coffee enthusiasts who savour each sip.

We are committed to building a better world, with a portion of our proceeds going straight back to meet the needs of the local communities where we source our coffee.

We will happily include a case of our Happy Coffee Beans for free with your Package.

Our beans are perfect for bean-to-cup coffee machines such as the La Cimbali S-Lite. Hand-selected with the help of international coffee experts, our premium coffee beans are bursting with deep flavour, perfect for espresso and speciality coffee.

Leasing the La Cimbali S-Lite

A lease is a fantastic way to fund the purchase of a Cimbali SLite 2Ltr or 8Ltr, as this ensures there isn't a dent in your cash flow.

That's why leasing is such a popular and safe option, as spreading the cost provides many fantastic benefits and the best part is that once the agreement has ended - the machine is yours!

Jurang takes no profit for the leasing of a product by the customer, unlike some companies that earn a cut of the interest. We are an ethical company and this ethos does not only apply to the suppliers we choose but also to those with whom we associate. That is why we have taken the time to carefully select who we work with to provide our customers with the option of leasing and why we have chosen to work with Kennet Leasing.

Kennet Leasing Kennet Leasing has worked closely with Jurang for many years and has been providing businesses with equipment finance for over 28 years,  with access to over 25 banks and funders, along with reserves of £50 Million of their own funds.

We have a direct relationship with the company which allows us to get you from the shopping cart to brewing coffee quickly on your new La Cimbali S Lite 2 Litre or 8 Litre. We have extensive knowledge of the process, however, if there is anything that cannot be answered by our team, then the team at Kennet are on hand to provide accurate quotes and answer any of your leasing questions.

Simply email for any questions and we will be happy to help!

Jurang Banner

Jurang Trade Account

If you are passionate about ethical quality products and are looking to steer your business in this direction, then we can help.

We supply Trade Accounts to UK Businesses which offer:

  • Simple easy ordering process
  • Access to bulk discounts
  • Five-star rated customer service on Google and Ekomi
  • 30-day credit terms to help with cash flow
  • Personal account manager
  • Free Next Working Day Delivery on all orders over £50
  • + 15% off the first account order
  • + 5% off all repeat orders for Happy Coffee

These discounts are on top of the 20% discount you would receive with the machine purchase.

Apply here.

Or simply chat with one of our happy team on 0800 993 0831 or email for further information.

If you are looking for samples of our coffee then please contact us on one of the above methods.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to transform your office coffee experience with our exclusive Trade Account. Join hands with us, and let's brew happiness together! Contact us now to open your Trade Account and start enjoying the benefits of premium coffee at unbeatable prices.

If you would like to receive a bespoke package quote for this machine or a competitive alternative. Or if you would like to discuss optional extras, machine variants, or delivery specifications, please give us a call at 0117 264 0126.

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