La Spaziale S1 Vivaldi

Single group La Spaziale S1 Vivaldi electronic espresso machine with automatic dose setting. Ability to control temperature at the touch of a button.

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The La Spaziale S1 Vivaldi is an entry level espresso machine designed for light commercial use. However, the build quality and the inclusion of a range of unique La Spaziale features ensure that this machine is by no means lacking in power and ability. Featuring easy-to-use temperature controls with LED indicators, the La Spaziale S1 has a 2,5 Litre main boiler for coffee and steam and a separate 450ml boiler for hot water.

La Spaziale S1 VivaldiLook and feel
One of the immediate things you will notice on the S1 is the quality of the build. The machine weighs approx. 27kg and the stainless steel finish with the coloured side panels makes for a professional appearance. That said, because it is compact it would not look out of place in a domestic kitchen if you are a serious home espresso lover.

Inside the S1
Inside the machine the high build quality continues. Components are all made of high grade materials and there is a logical setup to the internal components. This allows for easy access for maintenance and component inspections when required. The S1 features a volumetric rotary pump; electronic boiler refill; electronic temperature regulation for the coffee delivery group; a built-in safety thermostat and semi-automatic hot water water delivery for infusions.

Complete control with a La Spaziale machineThe proportions of the dosage are easy to program using the buttons at the front of the machine. Unlike many other brands of espresso machines, La Spaziale gives you complete control over the temperature of the water. This is important because temperature makes a huge difference to the taste of coffee. Furthermore different blends of coffee will have different ideal temperatures. With the S1 Vivaldi the current temperature is made visible through an attractive looking LED strip of lights. Simply press and hold a few buttons to access instant programming of the temperature.

Patented Heat Exchange System
One of La Spaziale's key technologies -setting it apart from its competitors- is its unique heat exchange system. The system, which is officially patented, uses steam to heat the tube which contains the water for the espresso shot rather than passing the tube through hot water in the boiler itself. This difference is very important because the temperature of water fluctuates, especially when the demand on the machine increases. Instead steam in the machine retains a consistent temperature always, regardless of the number of drinks produced. This in turn ensures that the water temperature at the group head is always consistent.

La Spaziale patented heat exchange system

Testing of the temperature differences
Having a consistent temperature at the group head is very important. When we tested our signature espresso bean at various temperatures on a La Spaziale machine, the difference in taste was very noticeable even at a single degree difference. Our Jurang beans have a sweet spot of 94 degrees on single group S1 (117 degrees on the 2 group machine). Because of the unique steam heat exchange system, La Spaziale machines can hit the sweet spot consistently every time you produce a shot of espresso. This in turns produces a consistently good coffee which is important to ensure every coffee you serve tastes perfect and exactly how you intended it.

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