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La Spaziale S1 Mini Vivaldi


£1,799.99 (incVAT)

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The new La Spaziale S1 Mini Vivaldi is a water tank version single-group electronic espresso machine with an automatic dose setting and the ability to control temperature output at the touch of a button.

Looking for the S1 Vivaldi plumbed-in version?


What's included?

  • 24 Months Warranty
  • Water Filter
  • Speciality Espresso Beans 3x1kg
  • Fast Free Delivery
  • 20% Off Next Order for Coffee & Cleaning Materials

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La Spaziale S1 Mini Vivaldi

The La Spaziale S1 Mini Vivaldi is unique in that it has an internal water tank 3L which is filled manually. That means no water mains connection is required.

It's the first manual fill espresso machine in the UK, making it extremely suitable for home use as well as commercial premises which have limited space and a steady but comparatively low demand for espresso. It does of course also feature an integrated drip tray so there is no need to have a waste pipe fitted underneath the machine.

Our S1 Mini Vivaldi Packages

Please see our standard package below. Please note we also offer bespoke packages that can include anything from service agreements, barista kits, machine alterations, point of sale material... You name it!

Simply contact 0800 993 0831 or email to receive your bespoke quote today.

Our Happy Coffee Package includes everything you need to get going:
  • 24 Months Parts Warranty
  • Welcome Pack (Cleaning Materials)
  • Required Water Filter
  • Selection Pack of Speciality Espresso Beans (3x1kg)
  • Fast Free Delivery
  • 20% Off Next Order for Coffee & Cleaning Materials
Available in Red or Black - we will contact you to confirm your colour preference.
Need a grinder? Machine alterations? Barista package? Extras?
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Give us a call at 0800 993 0831 or email to receive a bespoke quote today - we aim to beat any package or price and always do our best to find a deal that works for you.

La Spaziale Warranty

Buy from Jurang, an Authorised La Spaziale Dealer to receive 24 24-month commercial warranty - contact us on 0117 264 0126 for more information.

We can offer a 12-month labour warranty alongside any La Spaziale machine or package with an annual service agreement.

Simply contact for more information.

Patented Heat System

This added functionality and flexibility does not mean the S1 Mini Vivaldi fails to live up to the performance that can be expected from a La Spaziale machine.

Even though it is compact, it still features La Spaziale's patented steam heat exchange system as well as giving you complete control over the temperature of the espresso shot; allowing you to regulate the water temperature with steps of 1 degree at the simple press of a button.

Inside the machine, you will find a smaller boiler (0.45L) for coffee delivery to make space for the internal water tank. However, there is still a separate 1.2L boiler for steam and hot water delivery which ensures you have the power available to quickly deliver both espresso and steam when required.

Why buy from Jurang?

Buying a coffee machine for your business is a big deal. There are countless options to choose from and it's easy to get confused. That's why at Jurang we are passionate about providing the best machine package for your needs.

It isn't just our 5-star rated service on Google and Ekomi or our 10+ years of experience in selling machines that necessarily separates us from the rest, it's our 100% ethical and eco-friendly approach.

People matter that's why Jurang only sources from Fair Trade producers.

We will happily include our Jurang Espresso Premium Beans with your La Spaziale Happy Coffee Package.

Our beans are perfect for bean-to-cup coffee machines such as the Jura JX8. Hand-selected with the help of international coffee experts, our premium coffee beans are bursting with deep flavor, perfect for espresso and specialty coffee. 100% sourced from sustainable and ethical sources. Strength 5. 100% Arabica.

Attractive, Efficient, and Easy to Use

The La Spazialle Mini Vivaldi weighs approx. 27kg and features a professional stainless steel finish. The coloured side panels lift the overall appearance of the machine. The internal water tank is easy to remove and there is ready access to the drip tray.

A lever replaces the traditional turning knob for the delivery of steam. One of the benefits of a steam lever is the ability for instant delivery of steam and the similar ability to stop the steam immediately by knocking the lever back up.

A simple control panel allows you to program the proportions of the doses. The panel also features an LED strip which indicates the current temperature.

Like the plumbed S1 version (S1 Vivaldi), the inside of the machine demonstrates the high quality of workmanship through the exclusive use of high-grade materials. The Mini Vivaldi features a built-in vibrating pump as well as a built-in safety thermostat; semi-automatic hot water water delivery for infusions; a fully electronic boiler refill and electronic temperature regulation of the coffee delivery group.

The machine monitors the water level inside the 3L water tank and an indicator will alert you to refill this. Inside the 3L water tank is a filter cartridge to provide a consistent quality of water and prevent scale build-up.

La Spaziale Heat Exchange System

What really sets La Spaziale apart from its competitors is the patented Heat Exchange System which uses steam to heat the tube that contains the water for the espresso shot. This is instead of passing the tube through the hot water in the boiler itself.

Why is this important? The temperature of the water in the boiler naturally fluctuates. This fluctuation increases when the demand for espresso increases. Steam on the other hand always retains a consistent temperature, regardless of the number of drinks produced. Because of this, the water temperature at the group head is also always consistent.

Different coffee at different temperatures

It is important to have a consistent and predefined temperature at the group head. We have tested our espressos bean at various temperatures on our own La Spaziale machine. Slowly moving up and down through the various temperatures, it is amazing to find how big the difference in taste was even at a single-degree difference.

It was creating a very bitter espresso at a too-high temperature and a sickly shot without a defined body when the temperature was too low. We found that our espresso beans really hit the sweet spot and tasted amazing at 94 degrees (boiler at 119 degrees).

When you run a business or you simply care about your espresso, you want to be able to consistently produce a good espresso. La Spaziale machines allow you to do this because of the unique steam heat exchange system; ensuring every coffee you make tastes exactly how you intended it.

Jurang Trade Account

If you are passionate about ethical and eco-friendly products and are looking to steer your business in this direction, then we can help.

We offer any business that buys a machine from Jurang a Trade Account, which offers:

  • Easy ordering process
  • Access to wholesale prices
  • 30-day credit terms

Delivery is free next working day on all orders over £50.

We also offer 15% off your first account order, 10% off your second order, and 5% off your third (discount does not apply to the coffee machine purchase, only coffee and cleaning materials, etc.).

Once your order has been received, you will then receive an invoice which is payable within 30 days to help with your cash flow.

Simply chat with one of our happy team on 0800 993 0831 or email for further information.

Leasing the La Spaziale S1 Vivaldi

Lease-purchase is a fantastic way to fund the purchase of a La Spaziale S1 Vivaldi, as this ensures there isn't a dent in your cash flow.

That's why leasing is such a popular and safe option, as spreading the cost provides many fantastic benefits and the best part is that once the agreement has ended - the machine is yours!

Jurang takes no profit for the leasing of a product by the customer, unlike some companies that earn a cut of the interest. We are an Ethical company and this ethos does not only apply to the suppliers we choose but also to those with whom we associate. That is why we have taken the time to carefully select who we work with to provide our customers with the option of leasing and why we have chosen to work with Kennet Leasing.

Kennet Leasing Kennet Leasing has worked closely with Jurang for many years and has been providing businesses with equipment finance for over 28 years,  with access to over 25 banks and funders, along with reserves of £50 Million of their own funds.

We have a direct relationship with the company which allows us to get you from the shopping cart to brewing coffee quickly on your new Jura JX8. We have extensive knowledge of the process, however, if there is anything that cannot be answered by our team, then the team at Kennet is on hand to provide accurate quotes and answer any of your leasing questions.

Simply email for any questions and we will be happy to help!

If you would like to enquire about a bespoke package for this machine or any other. Whether it's optional extras, machine variants or delivery specifications, please give us a call on 0117 264 0126 or email us at - we are more than happy to help you find the perfect deal just for you!
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