La Spaziale S2 EK (2 Group)

Fully automatic (EK) La Spaziale S2 espresso machine. Basic functionality and simple design - a great option for a smaller budget without the 'cheap' feel and performance.

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The La Spaziale S2 EK 2 group espresso machine is the professional choice for a restricted budget. We don't believe in 'cheap' and neither do La Spaziale; instead we believe in value without compromising quality. The La Spaziale S2 fits the bill; with an understated and simple design yet featuring the key technologies which make La Spaziale renowned the world over and a true leader in the espresso machine market:

- Patented Heat Exchange System
- Temperature control of group heads
- 2 steam wands and separate hot water outlet
- EK version: fully automatic with programmable dosage settings

You will not find another espresso machine out there which comes close to a La Spaziale machine. Because the unique heat exchange system has been patented by La Spaziale, their espresso machines are the only machines benefitting from this revolutionary system. A system which delivers a temperature stable, consistent espresso extraction - shot after shot, after shot.

What is different about La Spaziale's Heat Exchange System?
La Spaziale's heat exchange system uses steam to heat the tube which contains the water for the espresso shot rather than passing the tube through the water in the boiler itself; which is how other espresso machines work. The temperature of water in the boiler will always fluctuate: for example when the boiler refills, when the machine is used for steam: generally speaking when the demand on the machine increases. Steam, however, will always retain a consistent temperature - it's simple science!

Having a consistent temperature at the group head is very important because even a single degree difference at the point of extraction will make a difference in the taste of the coffee. Every bean has its own sweetspot (usually somewhere around 117 degrees (at boiler level) / 94 degrees (at group head level). If you drop the temperature 1 or 2 degrees you will find your espresso shot drops its body and starts to taste somewhat sickly. On the other hand increasing the temperature just 1 or 2 degrees will result in your espresso tasting bitter or even burnt. This type of inconsistency is something you cannot afford - customers expect a high quality coffee of the same standard and demand consistency. With a La Spaziale machine you are putting yourself in the market for that quality, that consistency and thus that opportunity to set your coffee apart from your competitors.

Setting the temperature
Many espresso machines are set at a standard extraction temperature and changing it will often require an engineer to come out (at a cost). Not so with La Spaziale machines. Because La Spaziale know how important temperature control is, you can easily change the extraction temperature yourself, allowing you to fine tune your espresso machine when you need to.

Installation - and why it's so important
An espresso machine is a specialist piece of equipment and getting it set up and working to the best of its abilities is something which doesn't come natural to most people. When we quote you for a bespoke espresso machine package, we will always include installation of the machine as standard unless you tell us differently. A La Spazialle installation is more than just unpacking the box, connecting up the services and showing you the on/off switch.

Of course, all that is included, but the engineer will also review your espresso beans and set your grinder accordingly and explain to you the grinding and coarseness differences. After that the engineer will help you taste your way to the best extraction temperature for your espresso bean and show you how you can alter this yourself should you ever change your espresso beans or decide you want to change the taste profile of your coffee. The cost of the installation is a fixed price, designed to cover the expense of a qualified and trained engineer sharing her or his knowledge to help you get the best out of a fantastic piece of equipment. We do not make money on installations and only include them because we believe them to be important and valuable.

Options for the S2 series
1. For sites where space is at a premium, the La Spaziale S2 Spazio (2 group only) cuts the width of the machine by 16cm (to maxchine width of 54cm). This does mean you have a reduced boiler size of 5L rather than the standard 10L (reduction in price).

2. Although the fully automatic EK version is the standard choice, the S2 is available as an EP version. This version does not allow you to program the dosage of your espresso shot and rather uses a freeflow system (reduction in price).

3. If you want to add a little bit of bling to your S2 espresso machine, there is an option of having the side panels lit by led strips (increase in price).

More information and downloads
You can download a PDF brochure for the La Spaziale S2 series and below is a diagram of the patented heat exchange system (click for a larger image).


La Spaziale patented heat exchange system

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